Aedi from backWow, this sweater is one that I’m really happy with.  From the moment I got this book, Knitting with Icelandic Wool, out of the library and then purchased it, to when I walked by the Heidi Lopi Spun yarn at last years Olds Fibres fair and automatically started putting a sweaters worth in my bag without even thinking, all those instincts were dead on.  This sweater is cosy warm, and it seems to have morphed already to fit me perfectly so that I am very comfortable wearing it.

The original pattern called for three colours, but I made the yoke with just the two colours, and I enjoy the result.  I also did not put a zipper in, but opted for a button band for various reasons.  It is easier, I had a lot of yarn left over, and had thought I needed some more inches to give more ease.

Aedi from frontThis is where my earlier comment about it morphing to fit me comes from, I had thought this sweater too tight and small, and now it feels like a perfect fit with no pulling anywhere.

I need to get to this farm in Bragg Creek and visit those lovely sheep that gave me this sweater!

Purple BunnyFor an unknown reason, I have been ruthlessly hunting down single skeins in my stash and knitting them up into lovely fun items.  Take the leftover chenille from the pig family, I now have 3 little wabbits, the purple one at left has already been gifted to a new little baby.  A blue and green one were finished last night, and just need a quick block before the baby next door is given hers, and the last one is put in the gift box for the next baby on the scene.  If we ever make it down to the States again I am stocking up on this chenille, I just love it for making toys and baby items.



Sarah's cowlThis skein of Manos became a lovely Sarah’s cowl, I think the yarn and pattern played very nicely together.  I was thinking this would go into the gift box, but now I really love the purple/cream/orange colours, plus the softness of the yarn.  Next winter I may just be grabbing this out of the box!  I had some yarn leftover from this, and already made a little baby hat which still needs a button and a little flower I think.  Then all this yarn will be used up!


Pink SockheadThat does seem like a lot of little projects, but wait there is more!  I finished a bright, eye searing sockhead hat on the way to Lloydminster, Red Deer, and Edmonton recently.  Very good car knitting project, I have a blue one on the go now!  This is some Koigu that was never going to become socks due to the lack of nylon content, and I couldn’t see it as a scarf/shawl or anything else.  The sockhead hat pattern is an excellent way to use up great yarn that can be a bright pop of colour on top of your grey jacket in the spring.  It is light enough weight to be suitable for Calgary spring weather, but not deep winter, rated - 5 oC to 5 oC.

Whew, that is a lot of little things isn’t it!  I should save a few things for next September.

Sabbatical I still have a number of items on the needles, and yet I’ve cast on for two more big projects!!  I am being very good about doing a certain number of rows on the argyle vest of unending length, and am on the fourth diamond now.  Still around 4 inches to the armpits.  I have taken to calling Mr. J “Mr. 19 inches to the armpits” when I’m ticked at him.  Newly cast on however is Sabbatical, which will be another long term project, especially if I make it nice and long.  I have finished the back ribbing, and am ready to start the lace pattern now.  I am proud of this project, the yarn is from 2007, I bought it in Salt Lake, I’m using some old stash up!

HuevosBut I couldn’t resist casting on a lacy tank named Huevos.  I think it was when I realized this pink trekking sock yarn with bamboo would be perfect, and so far it is.  Or it may have been the few inches of snow we had again this week that made me do it.  I currently have 8 WIP, so I’d better get onto some finishing!  I did steek my Aedi sweater, and am looking for buttons now, hopefully photos this weekend.  I am wearing it a lot due to this chilly damp weather.  I do hope the weather is nice where you are!!

argyleAs I type this I am listening to my neighbours chip away the ice and snow in their backyards, trying to recover their lawns, and hopefully prevent all that melted water from joining them in their basements.  Our house has always been good and moisture tight, but I’m not sure we have ever had the swimming pool in the yard like we have this year, it went over certain little girls fish boots this weekend.

I am talking about WIP early this week, or else I will never get it up.  I had renewed enthusiasm for the argyle vest, but I can feel it waning again.  So incredibly boring, and why do men like such plain colours?  Boring.  I am just about to finish the third diamond, and I figure I have another 1.5 until I hit the underarms.  Then another ten inches up to the shoulders, but a V-neck should decrease the amount of knitting right?  The finishing on this is going to be killer with the top sewing of the orange diamonds.  Ack.  I think I am going to start a sweater for myself, after I finish the steek on my Aedi sweater.  Finish before starting right?

Moab shawlThe first day of spring heralded 7 days in a row of snow and cold.  I finished my shawl, but have yet to wear it outside as I’m still wearing the super bulky extra warm cowls and scarves of deep winter.  The colourway is “Moab”, and once again we can’t go this year.  I’m very sad about that, and vow to go next year instead, I very much miss our spring trips to Moab.  Do you think the colourway is a good catch of the Moab colours?  I think the deep orange before the light orange definitely is, and I just love the turquoise no matter what.  When I’m down I keep searching the Moab real estate sites, and keep picking out what I’d like to buy for when the times comes, if it shall come.  One day.

April 1, 2014 021It is April 1, and I am ready for the snow to go (still a few feet in the yard) and I am definitely ready for the danger driving conditions to be gone until November/December again.  Each morning for 2 weeks has been a nail biter of a drive.  Ice, white-outs, general ickiness.  I want to wear my scarf outside, with my new rubber boots, and get my spring on!

An Early WIP Post

March 10, 2014

Lopi SweaterWith my Olympic sweater finished and worn a few times already, I went back to working on my other bulky sweater, my Aedi in local Bragg Creek Lopi.  The original design was for 3 colours, but I only have two, but I do think it has turned out nicely.  I have actually bound off the top of this now, so it is onto finishing.  I need to Kitchener the armpits, sew in ends, sew down the collar, and STEEK the front.  I am planning to do a crochet edging on the front which is new to me, therefore I need an hour or two to concentrate on the computer.  That means I won’t be back to this before next weekend.  I would like to sew a zipper in at that point, I do love a sweater with a zipper opening.  The bottom edge is rolling, I may be taking that out and redoing it with ribbing as well.

Brass ShawlAs we went away for my birthday weekend last weekend, I remembered that the previous year I had bought this fabulous Ombre yarn in the Moab colourway.  And isn’t it a shame that I haven’t made anything with it yet?  After much hemming and hawing and changing my mind I am doing a simple triangle shawl with eyelet rows at the colour changes.  I put the turquoise near my face, and the orange will be along the bottom.  I have a few more things on the go, and I plan on spending the rest of the month cleaning them up and working on a swap item before casting on the next BIG, BIG sweater next month.  It is BIG on little needles, oh boy!!

FO: 4th Place Finish

March 3, 2014

Olympic SweaterI finished my Olympic sweater, just a few hours late for a 4th place finish, just out of the medals!  In olden days I would have been able to knit all Sunday morning and would have had this done, but this year I played cars instead, did puzzles, painted, and in other words played with my daughter.  I am happy with my bulky sweater, as it is very, very cold in Calgary right now, and I am wearing it a lot just to stay warm.  I extended the cable down the front which pulls the waist of the sweater in nicely, and made longer sleeves so that my forearms would not freeze.  Right now I am all about warmth!

Banff condoThis weekend we headed up to Banff for a mini break and did exactly what I had planned: we stayed inside and went swimming.  When we were not swimming we painted, ate, played, and slept.  Grandpa came along and numerous water colour masterpieces soon decorated the chalet.  I cannot say that I am not still tired, but I can say that I am less tired.  Happy Birthday to me!

Knotty PineLook at the pretty hat, look at the pretty yarn, nice work huh?  It is knitted from MadTosh Cerise colour which I find very complimentary to my skin.  I do like this pattern, I do, and the finish at the top is unique and everything, but I’m really worried it makes me into a cone head.  You can’t quite see it here, but the whole shape of the hat is a triangle, and I’m not sure I like it.  To finish it originally I washed it, and dried it for 20 minutes in the dryer (superwash yarn) and went to work.  Came home, Mr. J had generously decided to do laundry out of the blue, and had thrown said laundry on top of hat (you don’t check the dryer first, of course not) and then this hat got another hour of drying.  I then re-soaked the hat, pulled it out to shape again, and didn’t put it in the dryer this time.  Therefore it is bigger than it’s post dryer state.  I am wearing it around, and seeing if it will grow on me.  I am planning to use this pattern to make matching cowl, which will not be pointy.

Olympic Pullover FrontWe are having our usually Olympic sport pig-out, and loving it.  Figure skating continues today, and I noticed snowboard cross is starting, we all love the cross events.  So exciting!  Fia was busy dancing away to the ice dancers short routine, Mr. J continued his excellent twizzle judging, and I loved all the twenties inspired outfits.  I am cheering for the Canadians, but also the Russian pair, I like them they have the passion of Russian pairs! Bringing the drama back!  I am almost to the neckline of the front, and I am glad I decided to continue the cable all the way down the front, it is very nice I think!  I was really sad for Patrick Chan, I wanted to hug him and knit him a scarf, he was so sad.

FO: Insulate! Hat for Mr. J

February 11, 2014

Insulate!!Mr. J has a lovely big hat with fake fur and ear flaps for when it is super, super cold, but his old hat he was wearing when it was only semi-cold was very funny looking and old.  I finally made him a replacement, this wonderful Insulate! Dalek pattern.  We are big Dr. Who fans, so this went over well, Fia grabs the “Dalek” hat and wears it around sometimes.  This was leftover Cascade 128 from the Viking hat I made for Hallowe’en, a very soft choice for hats.  And like the designer says in her pattern notes, at first glance this just looks like a nice geometric pattern.  I remembered how I taught myself to knit stranded like this with one hand, which made this a fast knit.  I’m itching for some more colour work now.

And We’re Off!

February 9, 2014

Cocoon sweater We’re only two days into the Olympics, and I have cast on and almost finished the back of my sweater!  This is the creatively named “3/4 Sleeve Pullover” from the Vogue Knitting Holiday Issue.  The back is very boring, but the front and arms have a lovely cable lace pattern.  I had hoped to get a lighter colour, but this is what the yarn store had in enough quantity.  It is a lovely blue/grey, the mohair in the Rowan Cocoon is silvery and it is lovely to work with.  I have another sweater made with a wool/mohair blend and it is holding up well.  So far our family has been watching some of the Opening Ceremonies, figure skating (of course), women’s hocky, moguls (which Fia LOVED), some sliding sports, long track speed skating.  It is wonderful, we love these winter sports.


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