Slogging Through the WIP

September 12, 2014

Lam finished transitionLet me start by saying that I really, really want to start new projects, but I am slogging through my two big WIP’s.  My Laminiria is coming along, I have finished the star chart, and am on the blossom chart!  Eight repeats and then the edging chart!  It is getting that scrunchy look of lace as it gets bigger and cannot be stretched out as far, so prepare to see more orange blobby things until I am done with this.  I was hoping to be completed the end of September, but who knows at this point.  Life is too unpredictable.  I have spent the last few weeks trying to force people to keep to a schedule, so I don’t really feel like enforcing it with my hobby.  But no new lace until it is done!

Atelier to second sleeveI have about half of the second sleeve of Atelier (which means workshop in French, M looked it up at knit night this week, so clever).  I am excited to get to the part where I pick the body up, as it is looking a bit strange at the moment.  I just got another dress (again at Target) that this will look great with, so I had better get going.  This one I am hoping to finish by the end of September.  I have so, so many sweaters planned for the ball!  Two bad I can only really knit one or two!  And in a weather update, it isn’t snowing anymore it is raining.  Yuck.  Happy Weekend.

A Snowy Day Snow Fairy Toque

September 10, 2014

Snow fairy toqueOn Monday it started to snow, and we’ve had enough snow that tree branches are down all over the city, it is well over a foot of heavy wet snow now.  Excellent for snowperson making, which we already did.  I bought Fia a snowsuit on the weekend, and am congratulating myself for being exceedingly clever for that purpose.  I have to go to night and buy her new snow boots.  A summer snow storm indeed.  I tried to go to work today, but the traffic was backed up into the neighbourhood, much less the packed roads outside.  I could barely see 50 m in front of me, but I assumed everything was horribly backed up, so I turned around and came home.  The cars that I could see that were in the ditch were so far down they were practically swimming in the storm ponds, barely visible.  I should feel guilty for not working today, but I am still sick, and I have been sorting out Fia’s old stuff, getting the baby toys packed up and out of the house.  We have too much stuff and she barely plays with any of it. 

Whilst I was sick on Monday I started the Snow Fairy toque with leftover Rowan Cocoon.  I had even bought a fancy fake fur pom-pom last spring for it, but hadn’t gotten around to casting on until a good snow storm gave me the motivation.  It isn’t quite dry yet in this photo, but it covers my ears, and should be warm, with is a good thing in a snow toque!  I like that the grey is neutral, so I can wear any colour scarf with it. 

Sandshore from backI have finally gotten around to taking some photographs of my finished sweaters!  With an eye to the coming winter, low light conditions and few chances of taking photographs I have endeavoured to set up a bit of a studio in the basement.  There is a good light down there, and I have a few extra lamps to give as much light as possible.  The corner of the room by the door gives a nice pale blue backdrop.  Now I just need to work on my poses! 

I had mostly finished Sandshore on our Ontario “vacation” and did the final knitting once we got back.  There were mistakes in the pattern, but just by looking through the other projects it was easy to find the issues and fix them up quickly.  I used Zooey by Juniper Farms, which is a lovely linen cotton blend.  It is not the recommended yarn, but alas that yarn is not very available in this part of Canada, and I didn’t want to have to pay expensive shipping and duties to get it.  Even though I used smaller needles, I got the recommended gauge which was handy.  I knit a large size, as I wanted something really roomy, and this fits perfectly, staying on my shoulders easily.  I haven’t had a chance to wear it more than once or twice, and alas it has now snowed in our northern snowy land.  A month and a half early, and we are woefully unprepared.  Here is hoping that it will melt soon, and I can wear this lovely sweater outside again!

SandshoreOur vacation involved going from place to place to visit relatives, and truthfully was not very relaxing.  I did luck out and rent a car that my husband really, really loved, which meant he had no problem driving everywhere.  Hence all the progress on my Sandshore cardigan.  I have already reached the ribbing on the bottom!  I then need to pick up all the way around the fronts and knit a 2 inch band, then sleeves.  I have plenty of this yarn therefore I will most likely make full length sleeves.  I am only halfway through my second ball and I bought four balls! 

I hope to get a chance to tell you more about the vacation this weekend, as it was not all bad.  I did get a chance to visit Romni Wool in Toronto, the mothership.  We spent some time in the country which was nice even if it rained the whole time.  Fia visited: 2 great oma’s, 1 grandma, 1 opa, 3 great-aunts, and 2 second cousins.  Whew.  Plus some very nice friends.  I wish I had the time to visit all the other friends that I would like to, but it is so hard with such little time. 

Atelier doing yokeFia has recently decided that she can only sleep if I an somehow attached to her, which has meant that I am in her room sleeping in her bed very often of late.  The pattern has been that I go to sleep for the night, and she wakes up 5 minutes later and starts screaming.  She only falls back asleep deeply enough an hour later for me to creep back to my bed, and is then awake again around 4 am.  Last night was the same pattern, but I just couldn’t get out of bed, so Mr. J. is now in there sleeping with her.  The reasons are multi on her part, but she says she is scared of the big wind we had last night, and ghosts, and so many other things.  When you are 3, so many things are scary.  Onto my new projects, I have cast on for Atelier and am enjoying the simplicity of the yoke knitting.  The colour is so vivid, and I can knit without watching it closely as I watch another episode of Hell on Wheels, my current favorite show.

Starting laminariaI have also finally started a new shawl pattern.  I have so many of these in the queue, and have the yarn already, that I need to be making one or two a year just to use it all up.  This is such a tiny beginning of Laminiria, but all great journeys start with the first step, and the cast on of most shawls is a bit tricky.  Now I am into the simple beginning pattern and things are moving faster.  I have to look at this knitting more often with all the K3tog, so this is reserved for shows I don’t really need to watch.  All for now, I need to go and wake up the rest of the family for the work day.

Planning Ahead

July 28, 2014

Atelier yarn and shoesI am almost done my WIP’s and am planning ahead for the next two projects.  I am on a real summer sweater kick this year, can’t seem to get enough of them.  These next two projects are going to be part of a KAL, which I hope will be a lot of fun.  I have been planning to make Atelier with the blue MadTosh yarn I have, and since I bought some new fabulous sandals  I really want to get it done.  I am very happy with how well these sandals go with my wardrobe, I have 3 black and black/white dresses they match very well, and I also love to wear them with a bright green dress I have.  So far I am very happy with my purchase!  If I can get Atelier off the ground, I also plan on making a Sandshore with Zooey, a linen cotton blend.

Zooey Cotton LinenThis is made on big needles for a loose drape, I am hoping it goes fast.  I can get a lot of use out of a neutral cardigan at work.  Our office is always cold in the morning, and warm by the afternoon as the air conditioner is frozen over by then.  I am excited to have such great projects planned!

Work and Shelter almost to armpitsI have been working on this non-stop after I got back from Saskatchewan last Friday.  I had purposely not brought it with me so that I would work on a WIP – my Huevos tank which is now just missing a right front.  One more night and it should be done, but I can’t stop knitting my Work + Shelter top.  This is the thing about changing colours, can’t wait to get to the next colour change.  Once I do one more solid stripe of the light grey, I am into the pink which is the only colour for the top of the sweater.  I am very, very excited to finish this and wear it!

Tank minus 1 frontTank top almost finished!!

Okay, so maybe it was broken with some sparkly yarn to make hats, and this as well:

Berroco CottonThe plan for those lovelies is a 3 colour Work + Shelter pullover, a summer version.  I am going to get this started this weekend, I hope it turns out as nice as I picture it.  There is one outstanding 3 colour version, and some duds, so fingers crossed I picked colours well.  The pink is going at the top, dark blue at the bottom, the middle colour is a silver/blue.

My yarn diet was a good success, I started close to 51, 000 yards, and am now under 43,000 yards.  My goal is now to get and stay under 40,000 yards by year end.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to find at the Olds Fibre Fair, as something magnificent always catches me by surprise up there and I buy more than I had thought I would.  My lovely husband trained my daughter to say “Don’t buy too much yarn Mummy”, which she said unexpectedly as we left the car to head into the venue.  She is hilarious that kid.

Bag O YarnThat is my bag, plus a lovely bowl I bought this year, as I already have so many mugs.  Spring Harvest Farm mohair goat, Dragonfly sock yarn, the Fibre Imp sock yarn (bright yellow, hard to see in this photo) and grey, teal, green and purple for a sweater.  All yummy yummy.  And I managed to get all this in the half hour Fia let me shop.  And by let me shop I mean as she GALLOPED around the venue.  Thank goodness fibre people are so nice in helping me locate that kid, she managed to get around the gym twice, GALLOPING, and yelling GALLOP! GALLOP! as she went.  I cup of apple juice people.  Only 1 cup does this to my child.  Fia also had a good time watching women weave and men and women spin.  She was mesmerized by a spinning wheel and almost seemed to fall into a trance, not moving for like 30 seconds.  That had to be a record of some sort.

10463912_662697057133807_3219900268314432081_nAren’t those pretty socks and shoes?  The shoes are one of my first pairs of Fluevogs, purchased in May at their sale.  I have never received so much attention for my shoes before!!  I wore them out of the store, to a meeting, at which the secretary commented on them, on a flight to Fort McMurray, where all the flight attendants commented on them.  I bought them as they coordinate perfectly with a dress I have, they look crazy good together!

Now the socks are really special, I am just modeling them here, but my skein of yarn and the pattern are on their way soon.  We had a knitting party at the local Fluevog store!  It was a lot of fun.  I started to hear about other Fluevog stores having knitting parties when my boss and I went to Vancouver, I had just missed the party at the Granville Island store.  Of course when I got back I contacted the local Calgary store, and then Annie at The Loop to see about getting some yarn dyed in the Fluevog colours.  The local dyer, Two Birds Knits, really knocked the colourway out of the park.  It is a vibrant red with tiny stripes of blue and white.  The custom pattern has a tiny cable down one side.  I can’t wait to get mine.  I didn’t really organize the party and the yarn so much as instigate the whole thing.

The party itself was fun, and there are plans to repeat it in August.  As luck would have it the party was on the eve of the big summer sale, so we got to preview all the shoes on sale.  I have bought a few pairs recently, but luckily most of that is because my boss and husband have discovered I like these shoes, and have been giving me gift certificates.  Yeah for them!  I am telling my boss that the shoes are going to make us a lot of money, and will be totally worth the $$ in the end.  We all tried on shoes, and bought some, even though it is fine to come to the party and not buy any shoes at all.  The store has a beautiful museum space upstairs where we sat and knit for awhile and ate cupcakes.  Yum.


Serious VestThat is the serious photo of Mr. J.  Right after that lovely pose I made him do Sears Poses.  Does anyone even remember what Sears poses are?  Are we that old?

Funny VestMuch nicer smile.  There was also a pose with the wheelbarrow, but that was just too manly for publication!  Yes there it is, not only the world’s longest vest, but a long vest that appears to fit very, very well.  Good job me!!  Let’s recap: 19 inches to the underarms, and 10 inches to the shoulders for 29 inches total.  A vest for me would only be 22 inches!  I am glad I opted to top stitch the three diamond patterns, it looks rather good.  Originally I had planned to do only the middle and the left.  The quality of the stitch, especially over the diamonds is not great, but it got better as I went along.

Count myself proud of this project!


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