Une Canadianne Errant retourne a sa pays!

November 27, 2007


Hello Everyone!

And Hello from Calgary Alberta, or Cowtown as it is known.  Where everyone knows the price of crude oil, the status of the beef industry, where it was -15oC this morning and 3 inches of snow. 

My blog title today means “a lost canadian returns to her country”.  The full lyrics are here.    (Hey look Mum, my first hyperlink!)  Essentially I have been living away from Canada for ten years now in Singapore, Boston and Salt Lake City.  Those years have been full of wonderful experiences, adventures, friends, tears, blood, and yes, sweat.  Being originally from north of Toronto, I’ve returned to my country, but to a new city of Calgary. 

I wrote my first travelogue/photo journal in 2002 during a trip to the Philippines.  During the commissioning of a pineapple juice filter we hired a shaman to sacrifice three white chickens to the local spirits for good luck, and good operation of the filter.  The photos were bloody, and the e-mail a sensation at work.  The best part is that the equipment finally started to work after we did the ceremony (except for that earthquake).  So in a way a blog is a better forum for doing what I’ve loved doing for years now; trying to show people what I’m seeing and experiencing.  I hope you will join me as I explore the themes of culture shock of a canadian in Canada, reflections on my life as an ex-pat, explorations of Calgary and environs, and one of my favorite pastimes, knitting.  Here are my current projects to give you a little taste…

Piper Guarding the Christmas Surprise

Piper Guarding the Christmas Surprise Blanket

Juno in Progress 

Juno Regina from Knitting almost Done!


The back of “Hooded Sweater”, Pattern #16 in Fall Vogue Knitting.  I really like how this is turning out so far.  I used Silky Wool, which has a lighter gauge than the yarn used in the magazine.  The pattern opened up like lace, and reminds me of peacock feathers now.  Once I finish the Chritmas Surprise blanket I can get back at it. 


7 Responses to “Une Canadianne Errant retourne a sa pays!”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Yippee! You got a blog! I heard you’re planning to come back here in December – be sure to come see us!

  2. margene said

    This is the BEST news! It will be so much fun to stay in touch this way because we can SEE what you’re doing! YAY!

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging, Anne! This looks good and I know I’ll enjoy keeping up with whatever you happen to be doing – yes, even the knitting!

    Cute cat pictures – always a good idea to add a few of those in a blog…

  4. Carla said

    Yeay! We miss you!

  5. How fun, Anne! I’m so glad you have a blog!!!!!!!

  6. Anne said

    Fantastic! And now that we “know” each other thru PIF stuff, I can keep up with your goings on in the great white north!

  7. David Blair said

    Hotess gifts. That cracked me up.

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