Where Engineers Live…

December 1, 2007

The engineer normally lives in small cubicles in window-less buildings, deep in the basement.  The air is stale, the atmosphere thick with the sound of fingers on keyboards, calculators buttons being punched, and the printers humming.  Phrase such as “can you normalize that?,”, and “Excel can’t take that many pieces of data” are commonly heard.  But sometimes an enterprising engineer leaves the cubicle farm and enters what is seemingly paradise:

nov-28-021.jpg  A door!!

And what is that:

 nov-28-019.jpg  A window!! It lets in actual light, and there is a view of southern Calgary!!  And what is that I see in the distance:


The Rocky Mountains!!  Now I know it is nothing compared to the view in Salt Lake, but at least they are there, and I can see them as I type this blog post.  Sigh.  It takes about an hour to drive to Banff from here, and Lake Louise is just a bit further. 

I was going to post photos of my first completed project here in Calgary, but the photos did not turn out very well, so you will have to wait until next week!!  I’m off to the Christmas party!!


6 Responses to “Where Engineers Live…”

  1. margene said

    It’s a beautiful view! How very, very cool to have a door and a window! 😉

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Yay! A room with a view!

  3. Wow, that window’s a huge perk! Awesome.

  4. Paula said

    Welcome back! Nice view. Stay warm. Looks like you haven’t forgotten how! I lived in Alberta for 14 years and still miss that big sky and the sun.

  5. blog free val said

    Hi Anne… Now I know why blogs are useful. Nice to ‘see’ you. Glad you are back safely in ta pays, We finally have some snow, too. Not enough to entice me to ski yet, but soon. Stay well and knit a bunch! best, v

  6. Lark said

    Hi Anne,

    Great blog – looking forward to exploring Calgary vicariously with you. Great office too! Wishing you blue skies in your new home

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