Eee Zed Baby, Eee Zed!

January 2, 2008

First and foremost, Happy New Year to you all!  I hope you had a lovely time, I did!  The evening was started at the first Chinese restaurant I could get a reservation at, which was hard to do.  It turned out to be very good, in my opinion, we had food that reminded me strongly of what we used to eat when I lived in Singapore.  The Spicy Prawns were a stand out!  (Perhaps this would be a good time to mention that I saw the author of “My Favorite Restaurants” again in front of another book store.  My Aunt S. had pointed out that he was actually a noted food critic, and that he might know his stuff.  I went over and apologized to him, and we discussed how people like different things.  I dropped a name, Auntie S., and he was suitably impressed with my lineage and said “Hi Auntie S.”!  I know some famous people!)  After dinner we went over to Bowness Park and skated for an hour.  In order to keep warm we skated figure eights, practiced stopping, and I practiced twirling, swirling, and messed around in general.  At midnight they lit the Olympic Torch on the roof of the Calgary Tower:


On January 1 I cast on for my Elizabeth Zimmerman (EZ) sweater!  Very exciting.  I’ve been working on the fair isle motif for a few days, and even bought coloured pencils for the occasion.  Now in Canada we pronounce Z – zed, while in the US they pronounce it zee.  Another huge cultural difference between us!  I’m going to make a cardigan, as it is just more useful.  I’m going to put pattern around the bottom of the body and arms for some interest.  The theme of this sweater is “Homecoming” which I why I bought wool grown and processed in Alberta.  I’m working a maple leaf into the pattern, and perhaps a wild rose of Alberta.  I’ve begun swatching, and hope to make my circular swatch in to a hat.  This is very important apparently, as all the sweaters measurements are based on a percentage of the chest circumference.  Everything is made in the round, the body attached to the sleeves, then the yoke begun.  After the sweater is done it is cut open at the middle for a button band.


I’ve got a lovely cream for the main colour, and six contrasting colours for the fair isle.  The deeper blues for the main pattern, yellow for accent, and the tans and light green for background.  Unfortunately my book on fair isle design is in Salt Lake still, but I’m keeping the basic design elements in mind: only two colours per row, and no more than 7 stitches without changing colours.  Tonight I’ll get into my pattern, and that should help out a lot.  It is hard to know if it will work just on paper.  I’m really enjoying the yarn (I forgot to put a yarn sleeve in my bag so that I could be accurate) it feels like sticking your hand into fleece that is still on a sheep.  Have you ever done that?  A nice clean sheep that is.  Growing up I lived just up the dirt road from a sheep farm, and even had a sheep skin on my bed.  I used to love sleeping directly on top of it when it got really cold in the winter (which was often). 

For everyone else out there making an Elizabeth percentage sweater, happy knitting!  Don’t forget that knitting with a light colour helps you lose weight as you cannot snack whilst knitting at it would get the wool dirty!


9 Responses to “Eee Zed Baby, Eee Zed!”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Oh darn – my EPS is dark. You should have told me earlier about the dark yarn!

    I love the colors you picked, I’m sure it will be great. Happy EPS-ing!

  2. Happy to hear that you met John and told him of our connection. Now, which Chinese restaurant was it where you had such good food? There were always many exceptional places in Calgary, especially downtown, but this is high praise from you. I hope you’re keeping a list for when I visit.

  3. Nice picture of the flame on top of the Calgary Tower, by the way. That sure does bring back good memories of the ’88 Olympics. It’s great that the city has kept up its traditon of lighting the commemorative flame on New Year’s Eve.

  4. margene said

    Love the colors your using. A homecoming sweater sounds perfect, too.

  5. Anne said

    I love the colors (colours?) you’ve picked for the EPS. Should be a fun knit!

  6. jantientje said

    Ah, that flame! The ’88 Olympics were the occasion for which my parents let me stay up late at night (I was 11) to watch telly for the first time in my life. I’d sit on the couch with a blanket together with my dad, and see Yvonne van Gennip win 3 gold medals in speed skating.

    What a thought about that light yarn and snacking thing. Pity I prefer dark yarns…..hmmmm.

  7. Sunnyknitter said

    I grew up in Calgary and you keep making me homesick! Loved the pictures of Louise, thanks for that. The last time I moved back to Calgary, I now live in California, was for the winter that they are referring to when you said the coldest winter in 20 years or whatever it was. I went from 120 in the summer here to a week where the high was 40 below. You forget just how really stinky cold it gets when you’re away and it was a rude awakening! I do miss the mountains and the people though…

  8. What a lovely thought, a homecoming sweater!

  9. […] 1.  Do you remember Margene’s project to cast on something new on January 1, and last year we all made EPS sweaters?  I thought that was a lot of fun, and what I enjoyed most was making a few of my own motifs and […]

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