Screw-up Toque

January 10, 2008

I felt the need to use up the rest of the 1.25 balls of Naturgun wool I had from the Christmas blanket, so I made a toque (Canadian for hat, beanies have propellers on the top!).  As I don’t have any of my stitch reference books here I found a lovely pattern online at Mason-Dixon.    I really like the scarf on the left of the entry “Teachers Gifts”.  So I wrote it down and went off home to play.  I don’t have any access to the Internet at the apartment currently, its like I’m living in the stone age!  I actually did think “I wonder if knitting this flat pattern in the round will work out, or will I have to transcribe anything?”  But it seemed to be okay, so I kept going.  If I could have looked at the pattern again, it would have been obvious that yes, the first row of the pattern is actually the wrong side, and the one with yarn overs was the right side, and I needed to reverse the first and third rows.  But oh well, c’est finis!


So if I screw up someone else’s stitch pattern, does that mean I invented something new?  Perhaps I’m a genius in a black toque?  Note how lovely and messy my desk is behind me, that must mean I’m working hard!  A close up…


It’s not that bad!  The stitch is defined on the right, rather warbling on the left.  I liked the holes as this wool is so very warm.  I did learn a lot by making this toque however, one thing is that I should have cast on less stitches for the ribbing, then increased up in order to make the brim tighter.  I’m planning on giving it to a friend who recently moved to Calgary from New York, and I think his head is a little bit bigger than mine, I hope it fits.  He is also experiencing temperature shock.


No Toque, don’t jump, you’re not so screwed up!  And in true “Project Runway” fashion, I used up all my yarn, which is why the pom-pom on top is rather tiny, that was all I had left!

I found this rather interesting today:


I drew my co-workers ear in a conference call today, right in my dear day-timer.  And it looks like an actual ear!  Wow!  Who Knew?


3 Responses to “Screw-up Toque”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Nice ear! I think the hat came out fine – I’m sure many stitch patterns were probably invented this way.

  2. Katherine said

    “does that mean I invented something new?”
    Yes, or at least unvented.

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