Another favorite thing…

January 11, 2008

Over the holidays I was lucky enough to make it to a Sunday knitting session in Salt Lake City.  I always get so many ideas from the ladies, and have such a laugh, and get some work done.  And coffee, oh the yummy coffee!  I’m so glad my flight was only delayed by an hour and I made it there, as I received this counting bracelet from K:


This is got to be one of my all time coolest presents ever.  Thank-you so much K!  She is blog-free, but resides over on Ravelry where I’m hoping she will put up a photo of her wedding shawl (hopefully on her in her wedding dress) any day now.  Hint, hint.  Here is how it works:


That gold bead on the right means I’ve knit one row.  Then:


Three rows!  Boy, am I ever smoking along here.  Then:


15 rows!  So one bigger bead means I’ve done ten rows, plus five more little gold ones for five more rows.  And luckily I’m making socks with have a ten row stitch repeat, so this has come in really handy already. K made these herself, but I’m not sure where she got the directions, and she did mention that she went through a few iterations before she got it this perfect.  One of my favorite memories of Sunday knitting was a day when only K and I could make it.  She came in with her spinning wheel and started spinning.  I had never seen that in real life before, and found it really enjoyable to watch her.  It was a lovely summer day, and the sun was at a great angle to bath the room in gold.  At least that’s how I remember it!

I’m looking forward to the weekend!  Not that this week hasn’t flown by.  I’ve been having to adjust after the two weeks of “holiday” time.  Once again the buses are packed, and we’re swaying around hanging from the bars, that is if we can fit on the bus!  My new motto is “Behind a full bus comes an empty one”.  So a lot of times I just get on the next one that comes along instead of trying to pack in.  Last weekend I was really tired on Sunday, and didn’t have the best skating session.  I’m hoping for better things this Sunday as I’m feeling much more alert and energetic.  Last weekend was the Canada Cup of speed skating, and we got to watch some races while we skated.  Someone took down the pesky “Do not change into your skin suit at ice side”, so there was lots of changing!  Speed skating = nice legs.  Just saying.  The funny thing is: they were all watching us skate!  Must have been the tiny skirts…


3 Responses to “Another favorite thing…”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    I’m glad someone was smart enough to take down that darn sign!

  2. Katherine said

    Aww, what a nice post! I’m glad you like the bracelet! As for the directions, I know there are tutorials floating around out there, but I saw several of the bracelets on Etsy and shameless stole the idea. I tried to make it unique with my own twist, but it turns out those Etsy folks knew what they were doing, so it’s basically a direct copy.

    Ditto Cheryl on the sign.

  3. Is it vulgar of me to ask what is worn under the skin suit?

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