Old Man Winter is back, and is he Pissed!

January 16, 2008

After the windstorm on Monday night the temperature dropped by ten degrees Celsius.  So back to tights and shivering for me.  I was up late on Monday listening to the wind do terrible things to the construction site that is the apartment that I’m currently living in.  Specifically blowing over four stories of scaffolding onto three cars:


This happened at exactly 11:30 pm, and my bedroom wall is where the scaffolding was originally placed.  Can you see the little corner of headlights in the lower right hand?  That’s my car!  It was missed by inches, which my boss says means I’m a bit Irish, and his wife says means I’ve got horseshoes where they shouldn’t be.  Yeah, I had to ask about that one too. 

Onto better news:  I finished my EPS hat swatch, which turned out a bit small for my 22 inch head.  The funny thing is, I originally cast on enough stitches, decided it was too big, and started again with less which made it too small.  I guess that is why you do swatches…  I’ve also learned a lot about my colour pattern.  I personally think my maple leaf looks like a three leaf clover here, so I’m going to be changing that.  In person I also find not a lot of contrast between the blue of the leaf and the background colours.  I’m going to change the order of the background colours to make it stand out more.  Its funny that in the photo I find that the contrast is okay.  The full size sweater is ticking along, I made three inches of ribbing, and an inch of stocking stitch.  I’m trying to place the design on the hat right at my waist in order to make it look smaller.  (Studies have shown that men prefer women with an optimum hip to waist ratio, which is also a subconscious signal of fertility)  I also did not increase from 90% of the stitches to 100% yet, as I wanted to keep the fit tight, and my waist is smaller than my hips (but I am unaware if it is “optimum”).  I am going to do the 10% increase just under the bust.  The yoke design is still under construction, but Chart A begins exactly like the band on the hat. 



4 Responses to “Old Man Winter is back, and is he Pissed!”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Wow – you and your car really are lucky! Good luck with the sweater. It certainly grows fast!

  2. You’ll quickly learn that the favourite pastime of Calgarians during the winter months is wishing for, wondering when, and pleading that a Chinook will blow through soon.

  3. margene said

    That is quite a wind! We’re ‘enjoying’ some of your arctic air…brrr.

  4. Love the colors you chose!

    I believe the same studies reveal a preference for shiny hair, which the hat will highlight!

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