Bow River Ice

January 17, 2008

I’m posting a bit early today, as my boss and I are off to tour one of the Calgary water plants.  How exciting is that!  I’m going to bring my camera, and ask if I can bring you back some photos, we’ll see.  My personal belief is that a water plant should be so clean you can eat off the floors, which hasn’t always made me popular with certain lazy operators. 

I never realized how integral water is to Calgary, with the Bow River running through the city.  This river is fairly wide, with enough flow to make it powerful and fast moving.  In the fall I thought it was very clean looking water, without a lot of sediment, but perhaps I’m just used to staring into the Colorado which is so muddy you could walk across it (except right now, in the winter the water is the clearest it ever gets, with a slight green tinge from the mixing of the Colorado and Green River just north of Moab).  The northern edge of Downtown Calgary is bordered by the river, and the city has developed  beautiful parks and bike paths along its edge.  The main paths are plowed in the winter so that hardy souls can still ride their bikes to work.  A few weeks ago a friend and I went for a walk, and had to stop in amazement to look at the ice on the river, and watch it groaning, heaving, grinding.


Calgary from the west along the bike path.


The Bow river off to the west.  Meli-Mello puts it best however in her blog post on the subject, check it out.

I learned today:

The first water filter patent was taken out in 1746 by a French scientist.  The filter design was for sponge, charcoal and wool.  These filters were sold to individual households. 


3 Responses to “Bow River Ice”

  1. margene said

    The river iced over is amazing. I can almost hear it groaning.

  2. Cheryl S. said

    The river must be wonderful to see!

  3. Did the filter work, do you know?

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