Transition Complete?

January 22, 2008

The Transition socks were begun in Utah:


Worked on in Roatan Honduras:


And finished in Calgary, Alberta Canada:


But is the Transition Complete?  (In the immortal words of Jon Stewart, if you put a question mark behind any statement, you can get away with saying anything).  And the answer would be no.  I’m still in a very transitory stage in my life.  I still have one foot in the US and one foot in Canada, but I’m pulling with both hands to get both feet in to Canada.  I’m tired of sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor!  I want my furniture here, I want to get out of the crappy (albeit cheap) apartment.  I will own up to the spoiled brat tendencies I’m displaying, but at a certain age one likes ones comforts.  I realize that all things are in process, and eventually it will happen, but sometimes the waiting is hard.  But my outlook about the future is very much as pink and rosy as these socks; eventually things will be good.  I’m back in Canada, the true north strong and free, I’m skating, I’m close to bosom friends, and eventually family will be close.  I still have mountains to play in, and a small city to explore.  Slowly but surely the knitting circle is expanding.  There are plans in the works for a yarn crawl when I’m allowed to make new purchases (when I finish some of these sweaters!) and each week I meet new and interesting knitters.  And just in time, the Internet blogs and Ravelry allow me to keep in touch with my favorite knitters in the US!  Maybe wearing these socks will speed the transition along. 


5 Responses to “Transition Complete?”

  1. Monica said

    Beautiful socks! I’ll say hi to your little house when I walk my dog tonight, and tell it to sell soon.

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Hooray for finishing the socks! They’re lovely.

  3. Anne said

    They came out beautifully! And nice to have a record of all your transitions (whew!) this past year, eh?

    Like I always say about Canada…. lots of good things…. good air, good beer, good hockey. 🙂

  4. margene said

    Transition is difficult simply because it takes so long. You have much good in your life there in Canada. It’s rather enviable, really. I’m sending good thoughts that life will smooth out for you soon.

  5. Well, it seems to me that working toward a goal is almost as satisfying as achieving it. Walk on in your pretty socks!

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