Wednesday Working Away

January 23, 2008

I’m happy with the way my EPS Homecoming sweater motif turned out in the end:


I’m not saying its perfect, just okay.  This is the band that goes around the waist and both wrists.  I changed around the background colours so as to make the blue stand out more, and made the maple leaf look more like a maple leaf, in my mind anyhoo.  I have learned so much about what to do, and what not to do, its been a lot of fun!  If I had to do it over from the beginning, who knows what I would do now, and which colours I would choose.  Last night I drew up more of the yoke pattern using “Alice Staremore’s Book of Fair Isle Knitting”.  The Calgary Library has a very good selection of knitting books!  I’ve got some waves, and some other things that use the yellow colour in small amounts so as not to overwhelm.  I was going to put a Wild Rose of Alberta, but as it has five petals as depicted on my drivers license, and this is rather hard on a knitting pattern, I went on to other things.  The Ontario trillium has three, and was also a bust.  It is a lot of fun to build meaning into the pattern, almost like I’m making my coat of arms!  Over all, I love the wool, it fuzzes up nicely when washed.  The Prairie wool should be a first choice if you are thinking of making a fishermans sweater, it should cable like a dream.


I’ve got 10 inches done, and am about to increase for the bust at 12 inches.  At 16″ I’ll stop and start the arms.  Are you jealous to know that I’ve got short arms?  Hee Hee! 

I’ve also started my Montego Bay Scarf in the camel/silk yarn.  And yes if I see you I will make you feel the scarf and notice how soft it is:


Who knew camels were soft?  They look so scratchy and mean. 


5 Responses to “Wednesday Working Away”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    I like the colors a lot!

  2. Sunnyknitter said

    I really like the colors, too, and I think it’s definitely mapley! What about working in just a bit of wild rose color instead of an actual wild rose? Just a thought… That’s the second Montego scarf I’ve seen that made me go must find that pattern. I have a friend that wants a scarf and I think that might be the one. Thanks for sharing.

  3. margene said

    I love the way EPS is knitting up. The patterning looks great!

  4. It’s lovely! Really beautiful knitting.

    Also, that’s exactly what I thought about camels.

  5. Katie said

    I really like the sweater motif.

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