EPS and Pact

January 31, 2008

My EPS/Homecoming Sweater is slowly growing, and is mostly boring cream stocking stitch at the moment.  The first arm is about half done, and going quickly.  I hope to be starting the second arm on the weekend.  I think it is interesting that I immediately rolled the cuff on the sleeve, and that I’ve left it that way.  I’m going to measure the sleeve from the rolled edge, as I prefer that. 


I’m doing pretty well keeping my focus and working on the sweater when I’m at home.  Montego Bay tried to push its way in, but I managed to hold it off.  Next week when I’m traveling (I’m now flying into Saskatoon instead of RegIna as it is more central to the few places I’m going) it will get more attention.  Plus I’ll have a back-up sock project, don’t want to be caught out!

Another reason for my admirable (Ha!) focus is that I’ve entered into a pact with the lovely Miss J of Calgary.  Here is the deal: we’ve both made lists, and when we finish them we get to go on a yarn crawl of every yarn store in Calgary!  I’m extremely excited!  My list is two sweaters; Homecoming and the Gathered Pullover.  I’d better get working hadn’t I?

 My Mum sent up a few photos to warm us up, isn’t she sweet?  The first is from a beach front restaurant in Honduras:


I think I’ll start with a very cold rum punch made from fresh juice, and have the fresh shrimp in a nice spicy coating.  Sides of fried plantain, and beans and rice.  Maybe french fries….  Or maybe a nice cold beer as its so hot and humid, and a fresh tuna steak, cooked to perfection, marinated in a lovely spicy sauce.  Or a really good conch roti…  Sigh!  I feel so nice and warm now!  Here is a lovely sunrise over the ocean from the front porch:


Maybe a little vacation is called for… Oh yeah that’s right, I’m going to Saskatchewan!   That’s better than a tropical vacation…


3 Responses to “EPS and Pact”

  1. margene said

    Can I go with you to visit your parents!? My what a beautiful place. EPS is looking great! Stay warm, my friend.

  2. Cheryl S. said

    I thought about doing a long cuff so I could fold it up, but then decided against it. Now, seeing yours, I wish I’d done it after all. Oh well, I’m not going to lengthen them now!

  3. Oh la-la, Saskatchewan! Enjoy the resort lifestyle they’re justly famous for!

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