My Works in Process have Exploded!

March 12, 2008

Its driving me a bit crazy, but a few projects are in the “almost done, pretty much there category”.  The furthest along is my EPS which is ready to be sewn and cut open:


Its hiding under the new BSJ which is about 10 rows in, and the sleeve of my Gathered Pullover.  Even though it kind of looks nice without sleeves, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad vest?  What with this balmy weather we’ve been having, I mean its been above freezing for awhile now:


This is preblocked, so the cable still is not lying very flat.  Its now much flatter after a bit of a wetting.  This sweater presented a bit of a problem for me as I have a 34 inch bust, but the pattern is only sized for 32″ and 36 1/2″.  I noticed on Ravelry that if the body is too loose, then the bust pulls in people tend to look a tad pear shaped.  I’ve been making the 32″ version, but with one more stitch per inch, so it is coming out okay (in my humble opinion).

I have one Invino Veritas Sock finished, and will start the next one tomorrow at the airport:


The sock has a rather nice toe, which is mentioned as a design feature in the pattern, but the bloody pictures don’t show it.  I have rather pointy toes thanks to growing up in skates, which makes the line of purl stitches appear strange, but I don’t care, I like it!

I have another project on the needles, but I’m pretending its not there so it doesn’t go on this list!  My bosses have decided that since I had to work during my vacation last week I deserve another vacation.  Isn’t that nice of them.  So tomorrow I’m flying to Saskatoon, then getting on a private plane, and flying another two hours directly north, or 385 miles as the crow flies.  Where exactly is that:


That would be extremely far north, or almost into the Northwest Territories.  I tell you, I don’t know what I did to piss my boss off so bad!  At least I get to stay at their Man Camp!  I like Man Camps!  Its not like there is anywhere else to stay…

So no posting until next week, that is if I come back.  The high for tomorrow is -23 oC, or -9 oF, so wish me luck!  I think its big parka time again…


6 Responses to “My Works in Process have Exploded!”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    I’m totally in love with the yoke of your EPS. What great colors! And I like that sock toe, too. I think I’d like it much better than a wedge toe. Tell your boss that the next time he sends you on “vacation”, it should be to Southern Utah. Or Tahiti.

  2. Auntie K said

    I suppose you’ll see signs like this at Man Camp?

    Don’t slip on the testosterone.

  3. Anne said

    Brrr…. stay warm. I adore those socks – great colors, great pattern! Nice!!

  4. Carla said

    Can’t wait to see it all finished!

  5. Holy crap, that is so far north it isn’t even on the Saskatchewan/Manitoba page on my road atlas, and no wonder because that appears to be the part of Saskatchewan without any roads! I had to go back to the entire Canada page to find it. It looks to be the approximate latitude of Sitka!

    What is a Man Camp anyway?

  6. Sunnyknitter said

    Mmm, man camp. Just sounds like it smells of testosterone, doesn’t it? Stay warm! By the way, I have gathered pullover envy…

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