Finis-EPS-Homecoming Sweater

March 25, 2008

And even without buttons, I’m having a hard time taking it off, its so warm, soft, and comfy.


I think this cardigan is going to be worn mostly with the middle three buttons (wherever they are!) done up, because its just too warm to wear any other way.  The yarn is Custom Woolen Mills, Prairie Wool from Alberta.  I found it at The Knitting Room in Calgary.  If nothing else I can highly recommend the cream, as it is so soft, and believe it or not, does not itch my skin!  I have 2 skeins left over and plan on making some hats and mitts.  All together the sweater probably cost $60, and I have a lot extra.  Presenting the yoke:


The colours blend very harmoniously (in my humble opinion), but at the same time the patterns don’t really “pop” the way they would if I had used more contrasting yarn.  From the bottom we start with a maple leaf:


And on top of that we have “knitting water”, my personal favorite:


On top of that are some random motifs and some “flechettes”.  I don’t quite know why I’m calling them that, I just feel like it I guess.  I learned where the Percentage system does not apply to me.  I seem to have slightly wider shoulders than “normal”, of I just have a smaller chest than my shoulders, whichever.  So I must remember to make the arms wider, in order to add more to the shoulder circumference.  But that is why knitting is like life, sometimes you don’t really know these things until you try them.  And in life, sometimes you need to try a big adventure like moving to another country, because you aren’t going to know until you try.  And whether it works out or not, at least you tried.  And its good to come home. 

A huge shout out to Jeffrey Buttle, the super cute Men’s Figure Skating World Champion.  Any athlete that cries during the National Anthem is a favorite of mine. 


8 Responses to “Finis-EPS-Homecoming Sweater”

  1. margene said

    It looks great and it’s the perfect sweater to commemorate your homecoming!

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Yippee! It looks great. I love the color combination. Some of the problem with the shoulder area might be due to gauge differences between plain knitting and Fair Isle, but at any rate, at least you know.

  3. bloosgrl said

    It’s really nice! I love the colors you chose.

  4. Sunnyknitter said

    Wow! That sweater is just beautiful. I love the color combinations, soft, but with just enough contrast that they don’t all mush together. (That makes sense in my mind even if it’s horrible use of language.)
    I always cheer for the Canadians and it’s great that he won! And a silver in the dance too! Next Olympics could be really good…

  5. Katherine said

    Looks great! It’s weird, but you never look like “you” in your pictures. I have click for big on each one because I think, “who’s that?” And then I can tell it’s you, but weird, huh? You look good, I’m not saying you look weird, it’s just something I’ve noticed.

    I guess you look different in Canada 😉

  6. I look forward to seeing that new sweater, and you!, in person later today… still chilling my heels in Toronto right now, waiting for my own big move, joining you out there, returning to good old Calgary!

  7. Mom said

    I agree with your comment on trying. To paraphrase your “English” grandfather- At least when you come to the end of your innings (a cricket term), you won’t be saying “Gee, I wish I’d done that”.

  8. Anne said

    Yummy! And it looks a treat standing in front of that weathered wood. Beautiful color choices!!

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