BSJ:Nothing like your first time…

April 8, 2008

The baby surprise jacket, from the Opinionated Knitter, is not something that you can readily visualize as you make it.  You don’t know if you are working on the neck edge, a side, arms, or back.  Its just a blob, with stripes.  And where to put the stripes?  Good thing Margene had some really good photos documenting her BSJ as she made it, with very unique striping design! But you have faith, and you continue, believing all the while that the blog will eventually become the jacket as promised:

Then you lay it out, you study the diagram, and with a quick motion you fold it in and, oh my goodness:

It really is a jacket!  And its kind of cute.  The other thing I learned is that when EZ says to mark the middle stitch with a safety pin, do it, and don’t try and be all smart with a stitch marker.  I added a simple picot trim around the jacket, and some simple buttons.  Calgary seems to have a dearth of cool buttons, unlike some people who get to go to Jo-Ann’s, and they are having a sale.  Not that I’m jealous or anything.  My plain buttons are very servicable and practical.  Little Brinna Rene will grow up to be a sensible girl, I can just tell.  The finished jacket, modeled by trusty Jemina:

Only after I took the photo I noticed Jack trying to get into the cupboard in the background, the little rotter.  He loves, loves, to be shut up in the cupboards and have to push his way out.  Weird cat.  When I washed the jacket it really stretched out, so I have more of a dress then a jacket.  I think I’m going to tell the new Mum, my cousin, that its for next fall.  The yarn I used is Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Superwash worsted.  It comes in some really cool colours, which most yarn shops don’t carry I noticed.  But Desert Thread in Moab has great taste, and had these two oranges, which together are darling, in my opinion.  Make sure you check them out next time you are in southern Utah, they are small, but the owners must have great taste!


4 Responses to “BSJ:Nothing like your first time…”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Ha ha ha ha… should I send you some buttons? The cleverness of the BSJ always fascinates me.

  2. Katherine said

    Nice BSJ. Maybe I should make one. My cat does that too, and I do think she’s disturbed.

    Also? I like plain buttons.

  3. margene said

    Knitting a BSJ is an act of faith. Yours turned out very nice in the Moab oranges!

  4. I love the picot trim!

    Silver is too cool to hide, but Lance loves it in the linen closet. I put special towels in his favorite spot so he doesn’t mess up the guest linens.

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