How do you change the tire on an airplane?

April 14, 2008

As we left Calgary Thursday morning the snow had just started, 10 inches fell throughout the day.  As we took off, I’m pretty sure one of the tires under the plane blew then.  There was quite a loud noise and a good bump.  One of the airline attendants mentioned ice hitting the strut of the wheels later on.  We landed okay in Salt Lake, but you could feel the bumping from the flat, and as we headed to the terminal the other tire blew.  A whole lotta people came to check us out:

I was really hoping we’d get to jump down the slides, but it was a small plane that had its own stairs in the door.  Maybe next time…  So how do you change the tire in an airplane (yes my seatmate asked me this) and its rather like a car, just a bigger jack, and nice round tires:

We were loaded onto buses, and safely conveyed over to the terminal.  A safety inspector would call this a “near miss” however, we were lucky we had one tire to land on, rather than landing onto two flat ones. 


2 Responses to “How do you change the tire on an airplane?”

  1. Seriously – I would be a little scared.
    How long are you in SLC? Will you be at SNB on Sunday?

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