Red Socks and Sparkly Shoes

April 15, 2008

Whilst (love that word, so very British) down in Salt Lake I finished off my InVino Veritas lace socks.  They turned out rather well, if a bit loose.  I probably should have gone down a needle size, and need to make a mental note to remember this for future lace sock projects: they open up when you wash them!  I know, duh!  The Smooshy yarn, InVino Veritas colourway, also softened up on washing, and feels wonderful.  Plus I may have enough left over to make some ankle socks, the leftover ball is approximately 3 inches in diameter.  The pattern is the Socks for Veronik from the Interweave Holiday 2007 edition. 

The toe detail is beautiful, and the lace, when stretched out, is very lovely:

See my new sparkly shoes!  I love them so much!  I fear the fact I love them so much is a sign of the encroach of the eccentric old lady syndrome.  Soon I’ll be walking around in the most bizzare outfits imaginable, with every conceivable colour, with a little happy smile on my slightly out of focus face.  But come on!

They are so sparkly!  I’ve already caught myself almost running into things as I stare down to watch them sparkle instead of looking where I’m going.  We’ll see how long it takes for me to injure myself in some manner. 

I’m experiencing a different kind of culture shock as I move between the True North, and the Land of the Free.  Up here, its hockey play-off season.  In fact I’m wearing red today as the Calgary Flames are playing in Game 4 tonight against the San Jose Sharks.  You mean you haven’t heard?  Down south, all the news is about the election, with very little mention of our most important topic: hockey.  I found it so strange to be in the States with no mention of hockey at all, when its permeating the entire fabric of the Canadian society up here.  And in Canada, there is one or two little news story just to keep us up to date on the US election, we aren’t saturated with it.  So different our two lands!


7 Responses to “Red Socks and Sparkly Shoes”

  1. margene said

    Maybe if you were in Wisconsin or some place more pron to snow and ice you’d hear more about hockey. I’m not a fan of hockey but anything would be better than hearing about the election ad nauseum.
    I vote for everyone to dress more eccentrically. Love the shoes and the socks are now on my list to knit…if the sock mojo returns.

  2. Auntie Kathy said

    *Soon I’ll be walking around in the most bizzare outfits imaginable, with every conceivable colour, with a little happy smile on my slightly out of focus face.*

    And the problem, exactly? 🙂

  3. Sunnyknitter said

    Go Flames Go! (Okay, now mark the date because as an Oilers fan you will only hear me say that during playoffs when the Oilers don’t get in and I’m hoping for an Alberta team, hell, a CANADIAN team in the finals…) Looks like I’m coming to Calgary, but only for four days at then end of April. I’ll let you know details when it’s finalized and maybe we can meet up for a little yarnage! If not this trip, I may be up later in the summer…

  4. You may be interested in the book “When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple.” Just for preparation…

    Glad to see you found a sunny spot to photograph those new socks! Cool!

  5. Anne said

    They look yummy! And really really stunning with the sparkly shoes!

  6. Great shoes, and socks! “Go, Flames!”, or whatever is appropriate.

  7. Bagsnstuff said

    So pretty!! These are a work of art… and you inspired me to try knitting socks!!!
    Cheers.. see you at knit group soon!

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