Knitted Toys

April 17, 2008

It was around eight years ago when my friends started having their babies, and I began to make little presents for them.  There is nothing so heart warming to me as to hear that my little outfit was what they took their baby home from the hospital in, its a memory I treasure.  A dear friend of mine, when she first announced to me that she was pregnant, did it in the following manner: Start Knitting!  And I did!  Over the years I’ve made her kids many items, but their favorite remains the pig family.  I don’t have digital photos of the pig family, but I have one of some other pigs I made.  I used the Debbie Bliss “Toy Knits” for most of the items, a book which I highly recommend.  The tiny mice and rabbits are wonderful at using up little tiny balls of leftover yarn.  The pig family consisted of a bright pink Momma, a green, blue, and purple baby pigs.  I used high quality chenille (not the stuff from Michaels, it falls apart too easily) as it is so soft and cuddly.  Five years later I got to visit the pig family, which were still played with by the kids.  My friend said the small size of the baby pigs meant they could be easily carried around, which helped in their popularity.  She did have to rescue a pig ear from being cut off at one point.  Another reason I love the pig pattern especially is that it is two main pieces, a nose, and the ears.  I tend to embroider the eyes and nose so that nothing can fall off to be swallowed.  Later I made a little pig family for an old bosses family:

Three old balls of yarn used up!  My other favorite is the Mum and joey kangaroo, the little baby fits into the mothers pouch!  I made a Mum in purple and pink, and a baby in pink and purple for my niece.  Finally I made something for myself, a new teddy bear!  Her name is Jemina, which is a bit unfortunate as she is named after an old evil boyfriend whose name is similar.  Now I like to think of her more as a “Jemina Puddleduck” type, as I can’t seem to find a new name for her no matter how hard I try.  She is brown, and wears a lovely Burgundy coat to bed with me every night where she gets tucked under my chin:

Jemina is long suffering, as she is also my baby clothes model.  She did look smashing in this little sheep outfit, again from a Debbie Bliss kids book:

Finally one of my friends had a baby in February! I have a donkey that I made a few years ago, and just need to sew up, stuff, and put a mane on.  I’m thinking since the donkey is plain white (leftover sheep outfit wool) that the mane should be pink.  Or maybe green.  I hate making things colours they should be, crazy colours are much better don’t you think?  I wish I still have a photo of the blue caribou I made for a friend….


6 Responses to “Knitted Toys”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    DH was looking over my shoulder when I was reading this, and said “I wonder if that picture is printed backwards”. WTF??? Then he said the pigs were in the wrong order – they should be red, white & blue (not blue, white & red). I had to explain that it doesn’t count, because you’re Canadian.

  2. margene said

    I’ve yet to make toys but yours are so cute!!

  3. Awwww. I usually make hats, or for dear frineds, baby cardis. The pig family rocks!

  4. Sunnyknitter said

    Very cute! I think Blue Caribou sounds like the name of a band for some reason. They would have to play something folksie, I think, or jazz. Definitely coming to Calgary, I’ll private email you later. Have an excellent Friday.

  5. Nicole said

    Those pigs are so cute!

  6. Nell said

    I love the baby sheep outfit, which Debbie Bliss book is it from? Thanks.

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