Spring is a commitment phobe…

April 18, 2008

And old man winter is that annoying boyfriend you can’t get to stop calling you.  He just won’t go away and leave me alone!  Its snowing again, and even the offices are closing early due to the heavy snowfall.  I didn’t ride my bike today as I knew it was coming, so I just have to make it on the bus.  Here is the blurry view out the window:

Big fluffy snowflakes are falling, and interestingly, mostly going up with an updraft past my window.  Its pretty, but as you know, I’m so over snow! 

The other excitement in the office today was this:

That blue thing is an inclined plate settler!  Wow, how cool!  They are taking the excess water from the construction site, and removing the dirt from it before dropping it down the sewer (blue flexible pipe).  The little white tanks in the lower left hand corner are the chemical addition systems, probably a simple coagulant.  They add the chemical to the water which makes the little chunks turn into big chunks, so that they settle to the bottom.  Then the clear water comes off the top, goes into the sewer, and the mud gets trucked away most likely.  The inclined plates help the particles settle faster!  Pretty sweet huh?

Since its supposed to snow a lot this weekend, I don’t see much bike riding in the near future.  I think we’re planning a marathon knitting session tomorrow with a “Chix with Stix” meeting, then a knitting pub night.  We’re casting on for extra projects, you don’t want to run out you know!  Plan ahead, that’s our motto!  I hope we make it to the finish line!  Have a great weekend ya’ll!!


2 Responses to “Spring is a commitment phobe…”

  1. margene said

    We have one nice day (today) and the rest of the week is a return to cold and maybe even snow. I love your description…that boyfriend is driving me nutz!!

  2. Someone needs to call the cops on that creepy winter guy!

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