Go Flames Go!

April 22, 2008

Its Game 7 tonight of the showdown between the Flames and the San Hoser Sharks (booo!).  Winner takes the series!  Needless to say the excitement is high around the office:

Flag courtesy of my boss!  Also I stole this photo from the paper as a great example of the snow we’ve got, and the creative use thereof:


Another person had made a snow Stanley Cup, that was pretty cute as well.  The game starts at 8 pm, so I may get home tonight in time to see the end.  Tuesday is “Knit Night in Canada” after all. 

Canada is a land of many people and religions, living together.  The one religion that is above them all however is hockey.  Please don’t think I’m making this up, its true.  For a long time I had left the one true religion due to being sick of it.  I had to go to all my brothers hockey games growing up, and there was at least one a weekend in another small Ontario town somewhere.  Boring!  Now I am a fairweather religious person, basically just attending during the playoffs.  If you give me free tickets, that is something else!  I am also true to my roots, and hold the Toronto Maple Leafs to be the team of my first affiliation, but take the Calgary Flames as my second pick.  So I do hope they win tonight, and I hope no one riots and loots any stores.  Cause that is just irreligious!


3 Responses to “Go Flames Go!”

  1. Mom said

    You forgot all about the weekends you were involved in Skating competitions & didn’t have to go, didn’t you? I agree, Leafs first, Calgary second. GO FLAMES! After all, it’s about time a Canadian team won the cup again.

  2. Go Flames Go! Without the rioting!

  3. Sunnyknitter said

    It’s a sad morning. Now I think I’m going to have a cheer for the Avalanche and the Habs, since the Avalanche were Les Nordique, it would still sort of be an all-Canadian final! (Yeah, really pushing it, I know.)

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