Blue Wednesday

April 23, 2008

The Flames lost, and the mood is very sombre around the office today.  Let’s just say its not a good time to ask my Boss for a raise.  On a happy note: no rioting! 

I have one new project to share with you today that I started on the weekend.  I’m really anxious to start a lot of projects recently, so I may throw caution to the wind and start something new each weekend.  Then I’ll go crazy with the pressure of having so many WIP’s, and get all stressed out, which should be fun to watch.  But its sooo much fun to start something new and find out if its going to work!  Here is my almost 9 inch long now Lace Ribbon scarf from Knitty:

The yarn is Arancania Ranco Multy!  I saw another scarf online using the same yarn, but that skein had much more of the aqua colour in it.  I think mine is a lovely balance between all the different colours; teal, purple, pink, brown, and so on  and so on.  I was originally worried that all the blue would be pooled on one side, but it is turning out to be nicely distributed throughout.  I’m not finding that all the colours are taking away from the lace pattern, since there isn’t any striping going on.  A very enjoyable knit. 

Twin Set:

I was looking around the internet at other people that have used the four strand yarn, and a few of them are reporting “mysterious” colour changes in their work with the same dye lot etc. of yarn.  It ruined a few projects!  I’ve finished the main pieces for the cardigan, this weekend I’ll start sewing them up.  I’m currently making the front of the small sweater using the darker yarn.  I’ll then make the little sleeves and see how far I get up the back before I run out of yarn.  I’ve already made a back in the lighter yarn, which I will take out and use for the neck edging on the cardigan.  Or else the cardigan will get a dark neck, as I’m out of light yarn.  I would like this one done and finished, as I’m a bit sick of it.  If I wear this, and you see some weird light/dark sections, please don’t point them out, as I’m so over it now.

Scottish Kilt Hose:

I’ve turned the heel on the first sock, and finished the decreases.  Toe, here I come!  I’d like to get the first sock finished this week, and get the second one going immediately! 

Hmmm, what project should I start this weekend?  Maybe that brown lace one I’ve got in mind….


5 Responses to “Blue Wednesday”

  1. margene said

    I started the scarf during my lunch half’s fun! Sorry about your team.

  2. Jocelyn said

    *chants* lace! lace! lace! lace!

  3. Anne said

    I have 2 skeins of Ranco marinating in my stash – how many are you using for the scarf? I like the interplay of the colors with the pattern – it looks like a small stream with summer sunlight on it.

  4. Pretty!

    I’m sure the twin set will turn out great, but I totally understand about being sick of things!

  5. Laballet said

    Do you know what shade of the Ranco multi this is? I love it!

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