Romance, betrayal, stabbings, shootings, and suicide..

April 24, 2008

How was your evening?  That’s right, my evening contained all the elements mentioned in the title and more.  Everyone died, and it took forever.  Yup you guessed it, I went to the opera!  Did you know I love opera, and Puccini is way up there for me.  Last night was a wonderful production of Tosca, which is a rip-roaring, over the top, singing extravaganza!  The main singers were pretty good, and they carried it off well indeed.  The best part, and worth staying to the end of the third act, was of course when Tosca throws herself over the castle wall after her lover is killed instead of fake killed like she planned after she killed the evil guy. 

After all that excitement I’m staying home tonight to bond with the couch, and probably drool a bit.  My little sweetheart Jackie I’m sure will be keeping me company.  I don’t have many good photos of him, as he is so dark, and the crack apartment without light, but this weekend all the snow outside made for some decent photo taking.  Here he is lounging on his bench, which I covered completely in carpet for hours of cat fun:

He still looks so serious in his photos!  But you can see his extra long whiskers, and his oh so soft tummy.  And of course, two seconds later he had his face right up to the camera!  I’ve been trying out corporal cuddling punishment lately on him, but he seems to like it, even though he is a macho little boy who loves to jump over everything.  Everything!  I can’t wait to have a yard for him again. 


2 Responses to “Romance, betrayal, stabbings, shootings, and suicide..”

  1. margene said

    Tosca is one of my faves!!

  2. Miriam said

    corporal cuddling is something Ekho likes as well, so it doesn’t work as punishment.

    I’m going to Carmina Burana tonight! YAY Opera!

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