April 25, 2008

I can’t believe the weekend is finally here, normally they rush by, but this one went reallllyy slowly.  The snow should melt this weekend with the temperatures above freezing!  However there is more snow in the forecast for next week.  Did I mention I bought a cute little summer dress that I want to wear?  Huh?  Mother Nature? 

As I’ve gotten into my thirties, I’ve noticed that I enjoy having themes in my life.  Let’s face it, my twenties were about studying, graduating, then working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  I didn’t have much time for anything else.  Then a few years ago I had my “Year of doing things that made me happy”, which is now in its third year.  And it still makes me happy, I highly recommend it.  My choice of knitting patterns, and how I’m linking those projects is starting to take on themes as well.  I believe it is this blog that has brought about this change, but it was probably in me all along.  Currently I have two themes that I’m working on:

1) Make a pattern from each teacher at the fall knitting retreat.  This one isn’t so hard as I’ve made some Nancy Bush socks, and a Montego Bay scarf from Amy Singer.  That leaves some Cookie A socks (not monkeys, I’m still the only person in the known universe who hasn’t made them, and doesn’t intend to.  I’m stubborn that way)  And a Stephanie Pearl-McPhee pattern, of which the current first choice is “An Unoriginal Hat”, but I’m still pondering that one.  Now this idea has been called “geeky” by certain parties, but I still think it just makes sense.  And I have until November to finish this up!

2) This theme has five parts, which will be revealed slowly (as I finish the projects).  It involves me making 5 scarves, doing 5 photo shoots here in Calgary, and doing some research on an interesting subject.  I’ve already read one book on the first subject, and intend to do some more.  Not only is it a great way to add extra life to my knitting, but it also gives me themes for the books I read.  Plus I learn a lot (and you do as well when you read the 5 posts!)  I know, all very mysterious now, but I’m excited about it. 

And my theme for this weekend: finish the &*(*(&^^^ twinset without setting fire to it, and making any extra yarn into sacrificial cat toys and encouraging the little rotters to “rip it to shreds”.  Good times!  Wine may be applied…


4 Responses to “Themes”

  1. bagsnstuff said

    Ann, your blog makes me laugh so hard.. You go girl!

    When are you coming to knitting again? You are my sock-inspirer!

    🙂 Enjoy the wkend

  2. Jocelyn said

    Some may call it geeky, however *I* AM NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!

  3. Well, I don’t think it’s geeky, but I also think it’s good to be geeky. Get your geek on, grrl!

  4. Cheryl S. said

    OK, you can vow not to make Monkey socks, and I’ll vow not to make Jaywalkers.

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