Once Upon a Time…

April 28, 2008

 Two beautiful (the homeless man in the wheel chair begging for money on the street calls me beautiful every day, so there) young girls went on a quest to find the mythical land of Koigu.  They set off bright and early to an undisclosed, top secret location in search of hand painted yarn.  Upon arrival at the promised land, they slowly drifted to the back of the store, so as to not draw attention to themselves, and what to their wondering eyes should appear? 

04.26.08 Super Secret Source of Koigu

Behold!  The promised huge amounts of Koigu!  Their eyes rounded in wonder, they casually wandered around the store, circling their prey, so as not to alarm it.  They nonchalantly looked at the prepackaged kits of Koigu, which contained a boxy mitred sweater fit for an evil stepmother.  But suddenly, a magical sign was seen!

04.26.2008 Hot Damn

The Koigu in the hideous kits was 30% off.  The two young girls began to ponder, and think, and ponder some more.  They noticed that each kit contained single skeins of the lovely hand painted yarn, but if they bought two kits, then could pair the skeins up and make wondrous items of great beauty!  And so they did, and in so doing paid only $9 per skein of the wondrous Koigu.  But then the two trusty friends faced the greatest challenge of their new friendship: who got which pair?  In a great feat of diplomacy:

04.26.08 The Diplomatic Model

The skeins were laid out in the local restaurant (still top secret location) and each beauteous girl took turns picking her favorite.  Negotiations were tense at times, but an amicable dividing of the spoils was achieved.  Suddenly, they realized that one girl had an extra pair?  On no, which pair should they split up so that everything was even steven?  A beautiful purple pair was split up, and war was once again averted peacefully.  If only Dubya would have called us first!

After such a happy day, I went home and made myself a meal of Koigu, because I did get the best of the deal, my skeins are the most beautiful in the land!


One will be a hat, some will be socks, maybe a scarf, maybe some baby jackets, maybe some mittens, oh the delightful possibilities, which I’m sure will end happily every after…


6 Responses to “Once Upon a Time…”

  1. OOOOH! What lovely yarn. 🙂

  2. margene said

    And they say beautiful grrls can’t figure out anything! Look at that…they could bring whorled peas!!!
    Love the Koigu;-)

  3. Anne said

    You guys rock! Great yarn score!! Woot!!!

  4. Jocelyn said

    China & Tibet could learn a thing or two from diplomacy like that

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