Happy Birthday Mumsie!

May 6, 2008

Today my Mumsie is 6x years old, and she does not look a day over 4x!  Here she is singing karaoke:

It is from Mum that I got my love of musicals, both of stage and screen.  We grew up listening to Hair, West Side Story, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby, all the greats.  When she was younger (just a bit) Mum was also a tap dancer and a synchronized swimmer!  She has also been immortalised in paint, and is currently staring at me from the calendar of my Dad’s paintings:

(Note how hard at work I am today, you can tell by how messy my desk is!).  The name of the painting is “Beloved”.  When I’ve really needed my Mum, she has come to my rescue to nurse me through two operations.  We have our little system down pat now (unfortunately) the day before we bring in tons of supplies and movies.  Then we spend three days on the couch knitting and watching movies, which I don’t usually remember cause I’m hopped up on pain meds. 

Mum also taught me to knit, way back when.  I remember making a brown pencil case that had lots of holes.  She also made all my skating costumes, and skating sweaters.  I can’t wait to see my new skating sweater!  Its in progress!  Mum also had to put up with me in the 80’s (shudder) when she finished a perfectly lovely aran fishermans sweater, but I thought it was too tight and made her put in extra panels so it would be more “baggy”.  Of course now I want to take those panels out!  Kids these days eh?

I hope you have a wonderful day Mumsie, and a great next year.  Love Me!


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mumsie!”

  1. Mom said

    Thanks Anne. It was all done for love.

  2. Mom said

    I had my daughter & 2 younger sisters sing Happy Birthday (via Skype) to me & my son advise me not to get too drunk. Also my husband took me out for dinner with three of our friends. Who could ask for more?

  3. Sunnyknitter said

    Happy birthday! (Made it on the right day by about 35 minutes…) Hope your next year is wonderful!

  4. margene said

    Happy Birthday to your mum! It was great to meet her when you lived in SLC. She’s da bomb!

  5. Anne said

    Happy birthday to your mum! She sounds wonderful – just like a mum should be!!

  6. Aww, you’re a very lucky grrl!

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