Jailbird Romper -Secret Knitting Revealed! (Finally)

May 12, 2008

I finally got to give this darling little outfit to the equally darling recipient this weekend.  It was killing me to keep it a secret for much longer.  Upon seeing the outfit for the first time, Miss J. exclaimed “I think I just ovulated”, which I believe means the outfit is really cute. 

There is Jemina doing her best impression of a cute bear that just escaped from the cute jail.  “Yo, don’t mess with the cute bear!  Or the cute baby!”.  Here is a closer look at the little flower buttons:

“Dude, Who ya calling cute?  I’ll rip your head off”.  – Jemina

This outfit is from Minnow Knits, Too by Jill Eaton.  I bought it years ago for my nieces and then never got around to making anything.  Plus I don’t think their parents would have really understood.  But I’m also dying to make some of the cute little sun dresses in this book, so watch out Little Miss M!  These rompers always seemed so cute and practical to me for an active baby.  They are made from a superwash yarn, and I forget which brand.  You can’t see the little pom pom on the hat very clearly but guess what: its also cute. 


4 Responses to “Jailbird Romper -Secret Knitting Revealed! (Finally)”

  1. michaelsomers said

    No one has ever ovulated over anything I’ve knit for them before. Or maybe they have and just kept it to themselves. I knitted a shawl for my mother for Mother’s Day, and she definitely made no indication of ovulation, and I’m realizing that perhaps she could have made more of a fuss. *smile* Either way, I do believe it was quite a compliment for your finished product. From what I’ve seen in the pictures, you do great work. Cheers! -Mike

  2. Sunnyknitter said

    Convict Jemima, wanted for Cute Overload! Nice job and love the buttons.

  3. melanie said

    I can wait to have a picture of Moira in that outfit! Thanks so much Anne – I think it is going to look adorable on her.

  4. dad said

    Hi. I love teddys that bring love and comfort to little ones . Dad

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