JRA (Just Riding Along)

May 14, 2008

And now introducing a new series chez ma blog, called just riding along, or pics I’ve taken from my bike.  Entirely random, just what I see, and whether I have my camera out and handy.  This weekend I rode down to the baby shower, and had a lovely time on a lovely day.  On my daily commute downtown I go through the zoo, and often see the boofalo:

Shhh, they’re sleeping.  Too many fences in the way to go over and pick up buffalo fibre.  Next along the path are the deer, then the moose.  So far I have not run into any escaped gorillas, for which I am grateful.  Continuing down the bike path, the way to the Make 1 yarn store is over Memorial Dr:

Here is how you do it.  Mum, if you are reading this, keep going.  Everyone else skip over to the next paragraph.  In order to go up this round about, and go over the road, carefully dismount, and walk your bike up the ramp slowly. When you reach the ground on the other side, carefully get back on your bike and continue on.  Got that?

Okay, no Mums allowed.  Here is how you really do it.  Its best to have your mountain bike with some good grippy tires, especially good sidewall traction.  Make sure no one is in your way, then take off up the ramp as fast as you can go.  Lean the bike over as far as you can and pedal fast!  Wheeeee!!!!  Coming down is a lot of fun as well to take the curves as fast and as far over as you can.  Can I do it again?


2 Responses to “JRA (Just Riding Along)”

  1. You daredevil you!

    Have a safe trip this weekend! I hope to see you next time you’re in SLC, or when we have our international peace summit in July!

  2. Mom said

    Ha! I read the last paragraph. I really don’t mind what you do (okay, I do), JUST DON’T BOUNCE THE BIKE AT THE END OF THE LOOPS!!!!!

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