Napping! Kitty Style!

May 15, 2008

My little Jack has the cutest feet, all good and hairy. He is already a great Canadian cat, even though he is American by birth.  Those feet won’t need socks!  It is amusing that since I said I can’t get good photos of him I’ve been catching him lying in the sun a few times.  He also woke me up on Saturday morning by licking my eyelids.  I’m torn between thinking its sweet, and wondering if he is practicing for when I die and he eats my eyeballs. 

Continuing the casting on craze going on lately I add the vintage lace cardigan, inspired by this one!  As always, ones friends make nicer sweaters than those in the books.  Mine is growing from the Debbie Bliss Primo a blend of 70% bamboo, 30% wool.  It is making a lovely springy material so far, and the colour is so fresh.

Now that the lace pattern is established its growing pretty well.  When I’m not working on all my other projects.  What fun!  Its a beautiful day in Calgary, going up to over 20 oC today.  Wish I wasn’t in the cold air conditioned office looking out!


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