The Power of Knitting…

May 22, 2008

Is very strong I think.  The best part of getting off my couch and knitting in public, in groups, is the women and men that I have met.  People that I would not otherwise have a reason to sit down and talk to, that I would not have thought I had anything in common with.  I think my life is very similar to others, I went to school, then I started to work, and I work a lot.  Therefore most of my friends are engineers, which, while very lovely people, are still a narrow segment of the population.  Let me tell you however, there is nothing like a chemical engineering party, after a few beers, when the topic of conversation turns to “Explosions I have witnessed”.  Good times. 

Through knitting groups I have had the opportunity to get to know some very interesting, dynamic, thoughtful, and caring people.  This past weekend Joce and I had breakfast with Margene, Val, and Smith at the lovely Silver Fork lodge.  I felt like a movie star in my hat, sunglasses, and scrumptious omelet.  I pretended that everyone inside the lodge, gazing out at the view of the mountains, was actually trying to decide which movie they saw me in.  The conversation was interesting ranging from local politics, fibre issues, to compost (gulp).  Later in the day we attended a Sunday afternoon knitting session with da gang.  This can be an intimating experience for a new knitter to meet these women.  Lace shawls, stoles, and scarves were everywhere.  Items you have seen in magazines and said “Hum” were turned into incredible works of art when realized with smokey grey laceweigt.  And Katherine, if you don’t put a photo of that finished stole up once blocked, I’m sending you a camera.  It was so, so beautiful.  I might send you a camera anyways to see your other shawls.  Ha!

As always ladies, and gentlemen, you have enriched my life immensely.  I don’t know if you realize this, but engineers have a reputation of being a bit dry, and not very artistic.  Not only can I pretend that I am artistic, but I now have artistic friends as well!  So nice!  On the trip I didn’t quite get the kilt hose finished, but I”m almost there.  Does anyone else wear the finished sock to inspire them to finish the second one?  In their jammies?  Just me.  Oh.


6 Responses to “The Power of Knitting…”

  1. Mom said

    No artistic talent? Come on with your father & I how could you not have any!!!

  2. Cheryl S. said

    Don’t be silly, of course you have artistic talent! And talent at writing, too.

    Isn’t Silver Fork great? Now I’m craving their home-made corned beef hash.

  3. margene said

    What!? That’s just not true. You can crack a good joke, design things (what do you do anyway:0) things for water AND knit up a storm. We won’t even bring up your talent as a knitter. The socks are amazing!

  4. I love meeting different kinds of people, too. Everyone should have a hobby.

  5. debbie said

    OMG those are the kilt hose that I knitted — TWICE — for my kilt-wearing brother-in-law. he loves them. and they go so nicely with your jammies!

  6. Katherine said

    No worry, I will post picture(s). This thing has taken me almost a stinking year to finish! I even went to a welding shop and bought some dressing wires (I tried last year too, but whodathought that Wasatch STEEL wouldn’t carry STEEL rods?!?) I am tired of blocking lace with pins and string, and am stoked to have wires now. I still have to cast off, but I, um, started a boring-but-captivating baby blanket that is distracting me from that.

    I’m no engineer, but I’m certainly no artsy-type, myself. Much more of a data and science-type, so I understand what you mean about the opportunity to hang out with the knitters. It’s a great, diverse group. Rather than highlighting people’s artistic non-talent, though, I think they bring it out of everyone who participates.

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