Its “Pouring” Hick!

May 23, 2008

It turns out my new company has a new tradition (or new to me).  It stems from an old military tradition used when there is a change of command, or another important milestone to celebrate.  They have a “Pour”, which is just that.  Which means I just had two glasses of champagne “Hick”, and some lovely, lovely, smoked salmon.  Always work for a company who own a fishing lodge in the Queen Charlotte islands I say, hick.  The best salmon I’ve ever had in my entire life was at the Christmas party, and various other company functions.  (Aside: at the Christmas party I went up to get some more baked salmon, but a couple of men were standing in the way.  I politely asked to get by, and one gentlemen asked if I was coming up to talk to him.  I replied, no I would like some fish, went by, got my fish, and left.  The fish was that good!.  Hick!)

So the weekend looks a bit dreary with rain forecast for the entire time.  So why not let’s check in with Mumsie down in the Caribbean, hick.  She just finished a sweater that my sister in law originally started.  For some reason SIL never finished it, something about two kids, full time work, etc.  So lazy, hick!  The sweater looks lovely, but a bit warm for the Caribbean.  I think it will be sent back to the Great White North soon.  And in other exciting news, my sweater has been started.  But Mumsie did not (gasp) make a gauge swatch, and wash it, and then measure it, so she had to rip a bunch out and fix it.  I guess we all have to learn the hard way….hick!

A lovely sweater Mumsie!  Have a good weekend everyone.



4 Responses to “Its “Pouring” Hick!”

  1. margene said

    Just had a G&T hick At least you had champagne and salmon. We have the same weather as you do all weekend…good thing we have sweaters to wear. hick

  2. Cheryl S. said

    What a great hick tradition! Mmmmm. Salmon.

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm, salmon. Did your colleague smoke it himself? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  4. Mom said

    By the by – I checked my tension & it was spot on. So there.

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