I am a Tree!

May 27, 2008

Or perhaps I just play one on a chair.  Introducing the Scottish Kilt Hose, from Folk Knitting by Nancy Bush:

These socks are going to keep me very, very warm next winter.  The Kroy sock yarn (which is York spelled backwards by the by) is lovely and fuzzy with a high nylon content.

This sturdy yarn is built for warmth, durability, and I think it has a serviciable charm about it.  I was picturing flipping the lace fold at the top over my knee when the temperature really dips next winter.  I do need to thread in some elastic at the cuff to keep the sock up, but otherwise it fits really well.  I’d like to thank Nancy Bush for designing most of my socks for my size 9 feet by the way.  That was very nice of her. 

Three more nights before I sleep in my own bed!  So. Very. Excited!


3 Responses to “I am a Tree!”

  1. Those are FABULOUS! Also, I love the Kilt Hose Pose!

  2. margene said

    FABULOUS…just as Heather said. They will certainly keep you warm. Congrats on finally settling in and having a place of your own!

  3. Anne said

    Love em! They came out great!!

    Counting down with you – I know you are looking forward to having your own space back!

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