Wednesday Work in Progress Update

May 28, 2008

I did really well this weekend and finished up two projects.  I did this as I really want to refocus on a few key objectives which are:

1) Get the Vintage lace cardigan finished so that I can wear it!  It is knitting up beautifully, so I’m eager to get to wear it now that the weather is finally starting to cooperate.  I’m about halfway up the back, so I would like to get the back finished asap.  The fronts look small, and its only 3/4 sleeves after all.  Piece of cake?  Hmmm.

2) Hazy Paves scarf is coming along, and is still one soft pile of lovliness.  I can’t wait to wear it, so I’ve been working on it when my brain hurts too much for the lace cardigan. 

3) I had run out of projects that easily fit in my purse, and I need a plane friendly project, so I cast on for some new socks.  I’m using some gorgeous Fleece Artist Merino I got in Toronto at Romni last summer, and am making the Pomatomusfrom Cookie A.  This also ticks her off my list as she is one of the designers coming to the Fall Retreat.  Remember I was making something from each designer?  Yup.  Now I just have Stephanie Japel and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. 

There is a bit of a pact going on in Calgary-land these days.  The deal is to not buy yarn until October 1, with an exception for the local fiber fair in June.  If one of us caves, there is a yarn “pool” we’ve put together, and the other person gets the yarn.  I put up the Wooly Wonka “The Silk Road” yellow/brown skein, as Miss J coveted that most highly.  She put in a skein of Handmaiden Suri alpaca loveliness.  We are now taking great delight in e-mailing each other sale notices, and sweet new yarn.  But I think in general it is a great idea for me, as there are so many projects already in-house that I can’t wait to get into the production cue!  Besides, 2nd quarter results are due the end of next month!

I have also gotten really excited about the MS project taking place in Salt Lake, and I know I have three balls of wool that will make a lovely simple scarf.  I may throw myself into that for awhile!  A very, very, lovely lady I know has MS in Salt Lake, and while she wouldn’t be caught dead knitting, and hates that fact that she needs help, it makes me happy to be able to do something for her.

Two more nights before I sleep in my own bed…


One Response to “Wednesday Work in Progress Update”

  1. Sunnyknitter said

    I guess this is the wrong time to ask if you want to go for a yarn crawl on Saturday… I’m looking forward to getting to my own bed and it’s only been a week!

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