Adventures in Moving

June 2, 2008

All in all, everything went off without too many hitches, and for the first time in 8 months all my stuff has been reunited in one house.  Not that I know where anything is, as it is still in the boxes.  Can I tell you how nice it is to be out of the crack apartment?  Now I know it was a bit of an exaggeration to call it a crack apartment as they had evicted the people selling it after a few months, but it kind of sums up the other renters.  In the 20 apartments that turn over every month, I’m told I’ll be only the second one  to get all my deposit back!  And just to put a nice exclamation point on my stay, the weekend I needed to move they dug a trench in front of the door.  Yes, a nice deep trench with some wonky wire fencing laid down over it and some plywood.  Over which I carried the contents of my apartment. 

The cats were a bit excited with all the activity, but they have already settled down in the new house.  They are very busy inspecting every single nook and cranny, and looking inside every box.  So far it all passes muster!  We are all glad to have my big girl bed back, and to no longer be sleeping on the floor.  We (me and the two cats) have already had some very successful naps together.  No photos as I’m not sure where the camera is, and it would just be photos of boxes at this point, not very exciting. 

Another confession: I have moved to suburbia!  Yes, and I did vow it would never happen.  But that is unfortunately what happens when you live in a city where the average house price is still up around $400k.  I just can’t afford anything closer in that still has room to move, a yard and a garage.  I guess I was spoiled in Salt Lake.  I did choose this neighbourhood carefully for a few reasons however:

1) It is on the west side of town, with quick access to the mountains, and is located directly on the future ring road.  This will be very handy for getting around quickly.

2) I am two blocks from a nice grocery, and Starbucks, along with almost everything else I need like medical clinic, dentist, hair stylist etc.  This means I never have to drive a car for these things, but intend to ride my bike or walk for almost everything. 

3) Access to my job is still very easy, and car-free.  On lazy days I can take the express bus, or take a bus over to the train station.  On nice days I can still bike in.  This is going to take approximately an hour and a half one way, with some good hills thrown in.  (Mantra: Hills are my friend).  And, almost the whole entire way is by the river.  Very, very scenic, and no pesky cars to run me over.  The bike paths in Calgary are almost completely separate from the roads, and this one is plowed in the winter (not that I plan to ride when it is -40oC).  I’ll get some photos one day when I have my camera accessible, there are some beautiful views.  What a great way to spend my morning, instead of sitting in traffic on the bus!

Back to knitting tomorrow!


5 Responses to “Adventures in Moving”

  1. margene said

    Congrats! it really sounds like perfect place!

  2. Monica said

    Your bike commute sounds like heaven! (Hills and all.)

  3. Sunnyknitter said

    Congrats on the successful move. Sounds like you found the perfect place for you and the divine felines. How do I know they’re divine? I’ve been well trained by mine, apparently.

  4. Cheryl S. said

    Wonderful! I hope you’ll be sharing some photos when yo find your camera.

  5. Anne said

    Really – it sounds like a perfect location. How wonderful that you can have such access to bike trails! Woot!!

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