Ma Peeps

June 8, 2008

Sometimes you meet people you really like right away, and sometimes you can trace the feeling to a specific moment.  When it crystallizes from a feeling to a certainty.  Saturday morning was raining, raining, raining, but I decided that it was going to stop by the time I drove the hour outside of Calgary to the trailhead.  It didn’t but I’m glad I got out of bed and went anyways.  I dressed warmly for the cold rain, but as usually had to shed layers within the first five minutes, as the trail began immediately to go up and up.  After awhile the rain petered out, but we also got snowed on intermittently.  I was (finally) blazing downhill, but going fairly carefully due to the wet roots, when I came out of the trees and saw a bit of a mud ditch in the way.  My two new friends were up the hill a bit waiting for me.  I called out as normal “left or right” to hear what the good line was, they answered “left” so in I went.  My front tire buried in the mud immediately and over I went, managing to keep out of the mud by catching myself on my hands.  It was a bit slo-mo so all I got was a little bruise where my leg hit the handle bars.  I couldn’t stand up as my legs were caught between the bars and the bike.  In between laughing I bleated out “help I can’t get up” to which my new friends replied “just crawl, you have no dignity anymore!”.  Which was true, I was already covered in mud, so out I crawled out on my hands and knees.  Turns out, they had both done the exact same thing and gone over their handlebars in various spectacular fashions.  They then walked up the hill to wait and see how I would make out, and thought it was hilarious when I went in as well.  Which is probably exactly what I would have done.  It was awesome, and I haven’t had such a great day in a long time.  No photos however, too muddy, rainy, and snowy!


3 Responses to “Ma Peeps”

  1. margene said

    With friends like that…
    You’re all perfect suited. 😉

  2. Jewel said

    Hope you are ok. I don’t think I could have crawled, I would still be there!

  3. Carla said

    Sounds awesome. We rode the Great Western and got snowed on.

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