Atlanta Hotel

June 13, 2008

Don’t be alarmed…. but…  All your water care professionals are here.  Engineers, operators,  managers, they are all here.  Only the most junior people are still home running your drinking water plants.  But don’t worry, we’re having a good time, and I’m sure the drinking water plants are okay.  If not, we’ll find out when we turn our cell phones back on…

So far, two new knitting bags, that they seem to call “canvas promotional bags”.  If only they knew…And a pedometer, with 7000 steps so far in one day.  Also, the benefit of traveling with work is that when your flight out of Chicago is cancelled, you can book yourself into a lovely hotel rather than sleeping in the airport.  I’m so spoiled…


3 Responses to “Atlanta Hotel”

  1. That must be why all the business people are happy, and all the “leisure” travelers are cranky…

  2. Katherine said

    I want a pedometer so bad.

    I forgot to pick your brain about water towers when you were in town. Here’s my question: why?

    Also, do the gray water pipes from my house run together with the sewage pipes? Does all the water from my drains end up in the same place at the treatment plant?

  3. Jewel said

    You can’t have to many knitting bags!

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