Southern Cookin’

June 16, 2008

Hello!  Miss Anne reportin’!

Although I spent too much time in the southern United States, and most of my favorite stories begin with “One time in Alabama”, and end with “And that was the most chauvinistic comment I’ve ever heard”, the south has a charm that is undeniable.  I get called Miss Anne, and was also encouraged (by someone from Alabama) to talk slower.  To which I replied “I live in Canada now, and we pronounce all the letters”.  It took me until the day I left to find some good southern cookin’, but find it I did at the Atlanta airport, at Pashchel’s.  If you ever go through Atlanta, look it up in Terminal A. 

I had a four sides veg; macaroni and cheese, candied yams, corn, black eyed peas, and corn muffins.  And later that night around 8 pm I really regretted turning down the peach cobbler.  This truly was food heaven, topped off with a Dr. Pepper.  Black eyed peas are considered good luck food to eat on New Year’s day, which is why every year I try and make a New Year’s brunch that consists of Hoppin John, which is rice and black eyed peas.  I think next year I’m going to attempted the candied yams.  The macaroni and cheese is a bit harder as good southern stuff is cheesy and sweet.  Yummy!


7 Responses to “Southern Cookin’”

  1. Katherine said

    Hey, hey. You don’t pronounce all the letters in the word “pronounce”, do you?

    Although I’m from Texas, I do tend to pronounce MOST of the letters. At least the non-silent ones. I do abbreviate gerunds to “in” rather than “ing”, though.

  2. margene said

    The only place to find good food is the Atlanta airport? Looks good.

  3. Jewel said

    Try baking yams just like you would a baked potato then mash and put butter, salt and pepper on them. There are really good!

  4. Sunnyknitter said

    I love yams with maple syrup and a little butter,too, if I’m feeling really decadent. Amazing with barbecued food! When I hang around Southerners I still sound like me, but I tend to start y’all-ing after a bit.

  5. Every time my husband has to go to Alabama, there is a restaurant serving similar food that he adores. Me, I don’t get the whole chicken fried steak.

    Also, many chauvinistic comments may also be overheard in Europe.

  6. Cheryl S. said

    Paschal’s is good, but too bad you didn’t have a side-trip to Athens. You could have gone to Weaver D’s (“Automatic for the People”). Awesome. Puts Paschal’s to shame.

  7. Carla said

    mmmm. cobbler. I made mac and cheese the other day, thought of you.

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