Wednesday Working Away!

June 18, 2008

The problem with working on a sweater is that they take a long time, and it isn’t very exciting to show to blog land.  Let’s just say that my Vintage Lace Cardigan is coming along on its 3 1/4 mm needles!  I’ve finished the back and one front.  I think by the end of the weekend I can be done another front and start in on a sleeve.  I’ve decided the colour is “lilac”, and I still love the bamboo wool blend.

I furiously worked away on my Potamus Sock in the Calgary, Chicago, and Atlanta airports and the air space in between, during the flight cancellation in Chicago and the overnight stay there.  Also during the fire alarm in Atlanta where we were encouraged to “Stay calm and await further instructions”.  Good thing we didn’t get further instructions to run for it, cause that would have been a downer.  I can’t wait to try this baby on, cause, sigh, I love it.

I am also glad I’m not allowed to buy yarn until Oct 1 as I am so enamoured of the Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn I feel like buying all I can find.  Good thing huh? 

In other news: Daddio had is first art show the weekend!  How exciting is that?  I’ve unpacked 1 million boxes, and only have 1 trillion left to go!  So far I have only given an arm to Home Depot, instead of the mandatory arm and leg.  I also finally fixed the new toilet seat I bought with the use of glue.  The screws were pulling out of the fancy smancy particle board.  (The new toilet seat was  bought as a result of the previous owner of my house peeing on the old seat so often as to have disintegrated the plastic.  Ew!)  So go me, slowly but surely the house is coming together.  In other exciting news:  about 20 minutes into my ride home I pass by an ice cream stand.  Again proof that I’m the luckiest girl in the world!


3 Responses to “Wednesday Working Away!”

  1. Anne said

    The cardigan is going to be perfect – great color, lovely pattern!

    I’m not 100% sure about this, but doesn’t having ice cream every day negate the good health benefits of cycling to work and home? Just wondering….

  2. margene said

    Ice cream does make up for replacing toilet seats. The sweater is growing quickly (and is beautiful) despite the small needle.

  3. Cheryl S. said

    Great news for your dad! He certainly deserves it – such talent. The lace cardi is looking good, but that’s a lot of knitting on small needles!

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