Bog-1, Anne-0

June 23, 2008

So it didn’t go so well yesterday, and I did not achieve many (any) of my goals.  I didn’t really even have any fun.  I can tell you the views were very nice from parts of the trail, but I was sucking wind so hard, and things were a bit spinny that I don’t really remember.  However I choose to turn this into positive things, and that means learning and moving on!  So needless to say there has been a plan formulated so that for the big race the end of July, hopefully there will not be so much crap riding from me.  It won’t be fast riding, but let’s hope it is riding and not walking.  And not so much bog action, that wasn’t very fun, but at least it was only my legs and not my face!

In case you were wondering, and I agree it looks a bit weird, I have two items tucked under my bike shorts.  On my right leg I’ve got a packet of Cliff Shots that I was eating during the race, and on my left leg are my car keys.  The jersey is the local team jersey I joined, which I think looks okay.  The “S” is for Spinsisters.  The colours are nice.  With the discount I get at the local bike store, and the amount of repairs my bike needed recently, I’ve already gotten back my entry fee. 


5 Responses to “Bog-1, Anne-0”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    I’m glad you’re the one who had to clean up all that mud, and not me!

  2. margene said

    You amaze me. Go for it!

  3. Jewel said

    Thats a great picture and you look really good in mud! Just keep pushing yourself and you’ll get better.

  4. Anne said

    Yeah – maybe you didn’t hit your goals, but you went and tried, and THAT is a really great thing. Yay you!!

  5. Rats, I’m sorry you didn’t have fun. The jersey is really cute, though.

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