Bogged Down

June 24, 2008

In lace cardigan land that is.  I mean I love the pattern (even though parts of it are “fill in the blank” and I wouldn’t recommend it to new knitters) but I just want to start making so many other things!  And I want to wear my lovely cardigan.  I’m currently working on the first sleeve, and since they are full length sleeves I’m estimating they will each take a week each of fairly dedicated effort.  Ugh! 

In order to create a diversion, and an excuse to start something new, I applied to join the Tour de France Knitalong.  I asked to be in the Maillot Verte category, which means I’m going to try and finish something before the end of the Tour!  It will also go nicely with my month o bike training that I’m hoping to do when it stops raining.  Double Ugh!  I’m currently planning to use the four skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light I recently received from the lovely Mrs. Chuky (received not bought, hence pact unbroken!)

And what I learned this morning is that taking photos in my bathroom means that a beautiful teal turns into green.  So please use your imaginations to know that this is a beautiful teal heathery mix!  I promise better photos in sunlight with true colour, honest.  So the project should have something to do with France, or biking, or some kind of link.  The current plan is to make Anais (which sounds french n’est-ce pas?), and I should have enough.  It also looks flattering on 98% of people on Ravelry, which is always good.  (And its not so big, since it is sans bras (bras is arms in french, so that ain’t dirty ya’ll)). 

I’m also looking forward to creating a baby present with these two lovely skeins of candy goodness:

I do so love it when friends are obliging when they have baby girls so that I can use the cute Koigu colours and make a February jacket! 

So two sleeves to go, or July 5, whichever comes first!  And I think we know that the race will start before those sleeves are done, don’t we?


3 Responses to “Bogged Down”

  1. Sunnyknitter said

    I love that top! Looking forward to seeing your progress. Bathroom lights are evil, don’t you know? I know this because I live in swimsuit land…

  2. Jewel said

    Why not knit both sleeves on one needle! I’ve been doing that with my Central Park Hoodie and it seems to go alot faster and I have two sleeves the same size.

  3. Lucky you! I don’t have any knocked up friends right now, and I have some really cute sock yarn for a girl baby cardi.

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