Weekend of LUV!

June 30, 2008

I had a deliriously happy weekend, the kind that made me sing, giggle, dance, and generally radiate happiness from every pore.  Was it the lovely weather?  The fun activities?  The fact that I finally put curtains up in my bedroom?  I don’t know, some days you just feel good all over.  On Saturday the lovely raven haired Mrs. R and I traveled up to Olds for the Fibre Festival.  I think I’m a bit spoiled by the lovely setting of the Great Basin Fiber Fair, as I thought this one was a bit weird as it was in the maintenance shop of the College.  Which is strange, as Olds College had lovely grounds full of flowers, shady spots, and would have been perfect for some outdoor tents.  But the maintenance bay was full of fibery goodness, and the lovely Erynn of Twist of Fate fame:


After going through the booths we sat down and had a bit of a knitting/spin along in the middle of the floor, which was very nice.  We had a good time catching up (Erynn moved to Kamloops and has opened her own shop there) and giggling over dirty words in fiber related activities.  There are surprising number of them! 

Ahh, but what about the booths you ask.  Well, lets just say I fell head over heels in love!  From across the floor I saw it, and walked as if in a daze towards the display.  My hands (both of them together) went out and dove into the furry goodness that is Fleece Artists Peter Rabbit:


I immediately brought both skeins up to my face and buried myself in it.  Oh the softness of the angora!  The beautiful delicate yellow of the colour.  The warmth of its fuzziness.  Swoon!  You shall become a lovely big scarf and I shall call you Peter Rabbit.  Too bad its too hot to do more than constantly stick my fingers into your loveliness, but soon you shall become what you are meant to be!  And you are mine, all mine!

After much thought (cause there was lots to choose from, cashmere/silk, cotton/silk, wool/silk) I finally settled on 1500m of laceweight yak/silk in the natural colour:

That is enough yardage to make any number of shawls or stoles! There may have been another purchase, but I’m not saying!  I did a pretty good job of staying within budget, which is good as there were many temptations at this show!  (Yes that’s you I’m talking about the 600 yards of 100% natural grey wool!)

But my second love came to me on Sunday night, which meant I didn’t sleep very well last night due to the excitement.  Introducing Bella, my beootiful new bike which has arrived (almost ) direct from Italy!

Si Bella!  Welcome to Canada!  It is hard not to talk in a fake Italian accent around this bike, so I’m just going to go ahead and do it k?  After it was delivered I hopped on in my bare feet and rode around the street twice.  I could have kept going around and around!  This is a bike to cruise on, and is such a joy to ride.  Bella, tonite we are going to get you a basket and a cappuccino holder!  Then we will cruise up to the market to get some picnic foods for tomorrow’s Canada Day celebrations.  And next Sunday, we’re going to the farmer’s market!  We are going to have so much fun together you and I.  That beautiful blue colour, its called Celeste!  But pronounced kind of “cheleste” a la Italian! 

Ciao Bella!




6 Responses to “Weekend of LUV!”

  1. Katherine said

    All right, fine, no fiber. You didn’t even buy a spindle, did you? Hmph.

    I do like the yak/silk though, a lot a alot a lot. I’d have bought it too. I would like to pet the angora. It sounds like a nice selection of somewaht-unusual fibers. I like natural colours, too, though I’ve been pushing myself to like brighter colours lately. It’s not really working.

    That bike looks like about my speed. Hee hee.

  2. margene said

    LOVE the new bike…welcome Bella! That yak/silk looks heavenly!

  3. Nice bike, you lucky grrl!

    Love the lace weight, can’t wait to see what you make of that.

  4. melanie said

    I’ve had the same Bianchi bike since I was 17. I’ve only recently discovered that it is probably too big for me (I wondered why I always felt like crap after going for a bike ride). It’s still a great bike though and I have lent it to my nephew for the next little while since it is hard to ride a bike with a baby permanently attached to your breast!

  5. Jewel said

    Wow!!!What a great bike it looks like it could be vintage. A basket is just what she needs. Where did you find her??

  6. Anne said

    Awesome weekend! My head is still spinning that you fit all that fun into 48 hours. Enjoy your new bike partner – she’s a beauty!!

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