Friday Snapsnots

July 11, 2008

In the office today we heard bagpipes, and looked down on the street below to see a pipe band serenading people at a Stampede Breakfast.  The noise of the pipes echoed off the tall buildings downtown.

While locking up my bike this morning I complimented a fellow biker on her bike shoes; which were pointy toed cowboy boots.  Without missing a beat she said “they have bike clips on the bottom as well”.  When my jaw dropped, she started to laugh.  Laughing is a great way to start a morning!

Yesterday at the breakfast the IT guy came in a bit hung over, tired, looked at all the food, got a very satisfied dreamy look on his face and said “I am so happy right now” and proceeded to fill his plate up.  Simple pleasures, and finding happiness in them is adorable!

Yesterday it hailed for approximately 20 minutes, and snowed, and it felt like the temperature is just above freezing this morning.  I’m sitting in the office with my jean skirt, handknit socks, handknit sweater, and  handknit scarf trying to get warmed back up.  Its July Mother Nature, get with the program!!!

A note to Dad: I have not found a cowboy, but I did get an awfully big belt buckle.  Does that suffice?

And Piper says:
funny pictures
moar funny pictures


4 Responses to “Friday Snapsnots”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    SNOW? HAIL? Sheesh! Come down for some nice, hot weather.

  2. margene said

    What!? That’s not nice Mother Nature. It’s cooler here today but no winter items needed.

  3. Susanne said

    Your picture is just showing that annoying little red “x”. Glad you are enjoying the Stampede. But I bet you are also glad it is over for another year!!

  4. Bike clips on the cowboy boots? Will wonders never cease?

    I was contemplating removal of some gear from my luggage, but clearly the fleece pants etc are staying in. Hail! Holy cats!

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