Any given Sunday…

July 14, 2008

During the summer I believe Bella and I will be on our way to a local farmer’s market.  I was very happy to discover this little place is only a 25 minute ride from my house, and that is at Bella speed.  On the right at Bearspaw Road, on the way to Cochrane.  As an aside, I  believe it is impossible to be unhappy whilst riding Bella, and if anyone is a bit blue come and visit and go for a ride.  It will fix you right up!  The market had lovely fruits and veg, lotsa local flavor, a cute display of baby clothes (while they are acrylic I will admit they had a lovely assortment of patterns):

And for something completely different (as in I’ve never seen that at a Farmer’s Market before):

Yup, cattle skulls people, longhorns as well.  Unfortunately they don’t really “go” with my decorating scheme at home (non-dead animal) so I didn’t strap one of these babies onto Bella.  Now that would be funny!

What did we come home with:

Walnut bread, Saskatoon berry jam, and a latte.  Now I just need a latte holder for Bella!  Anyone want to join me next Sunday?


4 Responses to “Any given Sunday…”

  1. Monica said

    Oh, me! Me! 🙂 I need a latte holder for my bike as well.

  2. Katherine said

    Listen, you need to re-prioritize. Repeat after me:

    There is always rooms
    (I’m pausing so you have a minute to repeat that)
    for animal skulls

    especially when

    they have big horns attached.

    I thought, too, silly me, that once I had left my parents’ home (which WAS decorated with a longhorn or two) I would no longer have any hard animal remains in my home. Brad, however, feels differently about elk antlers.

  3. Cheryl S. said

    Saskatoon berries! I didn’t get ANY from my tree this year. Before I went to Las Vegas, they weren’t ripe. By the time we got back, they were GONE! The birds gobbled them right up. Woe.

  4. Sunnyknitter said

    Saskatoon berries… wipes drool off keyboard. Sounds like you and Bella are having a wonderful time getting to know one another.

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