What is the Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

July 18, 2008

I was recently asked this question (online dating, don’t ask) and have been pondering it for a few days.  What really is the scariest thing I”ve ever done? 

I think the stock answer would be in about 2003 when I went to do start up a juice filter for Dole in the Southern Philippines, during the height of the terrorist problems there.  The week before I went, two bodies showed up on the Dole plantation, fairly close to the Lodge where the guests stayed.  The police called them terrorists, others called them drug dealers the police had killed and dumped.  US Troops were in the area “helping” and the terrorists still had American hostages in custody.  The Lodge area is basically where the executives stay with their families in company housing, and a little Lodge where people like me stay.  Its surrounded by a golf course and pineapple plantations, a little fence, and a guard that drives around on a motorcycle once an hour.  So not really secure if you really want to get in.  Plus who would you kidnap, a giant American man or me?  I’m smaller, but more ornery!  My boss and I had long discussions about this before I left, and we ended up deciding I would go, but I would require a 24 hour guard outside my door.  The rooms were nice, but one wall was all screens with wooden louvred coverings, again, easy to kick in if you really want.  (Plus ghosts live there, another story.  Filipinos have a lot of ghost stories!)  I spent a month and a half with my guard and his huge machine gun, being driven back and forth to the pineapple plant followed by a truck filled with more guards.  When  I finally left Dole, it felt so good to be back in the world again!  But was it bad, it was scary, but also good.  I turned 29 there, went through a huge break-up on the phone, and on my birthday had two parties, and two cakes.  I was told I wasn’t married  because I traveled too much, not something you want to hear when you are now 1 year away from 30, and brought on a huge panic attack!  I experienced a 6.5 earthquake, which was truly scary, and I never want to to through that again.  Due to the low population, and relative low level of buildings only 15 people were killed, and half of those from bullets falling back to the ground after people fired their guns to scare away the evil earthquake spirits.

What is truly scary to me I think is entering a new social situation.  The first time I show up on a new construction site, have to meet tons of people, immediately take stock of the situation, make a plan, and execute.  I always get extremely nervous.  Going on a blind date.  The first time I screwed my courage up and went to an SNB.  Deciding what to do with your life, to quit your job, to move, to start again somewhere else.  To have a baby!  All these things are scary. 

But those aren’t the cool answers.  I think I’ll tell him about the earthquake, that will sound pretty good huh?

Have a great weekend ya’ll, and don’t do anything tooo scary!


3 Responses to “What is the Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Done?”

  1. Dad said

    No. The scary thing was visiting you at university and finding out you had been boat racing. Eek!

  2. Jocelyn said

    I promise not to do anything scary this weekend, Anne.

  3. Sunnyknitter said

    I agree with the social situations plus travel. I have to meet new people almost every day in my job, but having to go somewhere else and do it as well is nerve wracking for some reason.
    I hate earthquakes. We’re overdue for one here. The Landers quake was a 7.2. We are about 25 miles from the epicenter. I’ll never forget that one, it was the night of my bachelourette party!

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