Bella and Anne go to the Farmer’s Market!

July 21, 2008

Sunday was a beautiful day in Cowtown, and what would Sunday be without a trip to the Farmer’s Market?  Bella was sporting her new basket, and in quite a good mood.

Once again she brought happiness to all those who were around her.  That lady in the giant pick-up truck who honked at us?  She was just saying “Ciao Bella!”.  Again, the Farmer’s Market, although small, was filled with treasures.  For some reason these were labelled “Baskets” instead of the correct “Knitting Baskets”:

And a likely looking tea with the biggest name to live up to:


But what made it into the basket?

Walnut, and Sunnyboy bread (3 types of seeds including flax and sesame) from the jolly German baker, green beans, and nectarines.  Nectarines that tasted of sunshine I might add!


6 Responses to “Bella and Anne go to the Farmer’s Market!”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    Hmmmm. “Ciao Bella” is the brand name of a mighty delicious gelato. I did two farmer’s markets in two days over the weekend – Salt Lake and Park City. It was great!

  2. Carla said

    You and your bike are super cute!

  3. Jocelyn said

    It wasn’t so much a “honk” as it was a “get out of the g*dd*ammedw*y”, to which I responded:

    “Ciao bella”.

    Do love Bella, it’s unfortunate she only has 2 wheels though.

  4. margene said

    You so should have brought home the tea and perfect knitting basket, too!

  5. Anne said

    Looks like you two had a fun day together. Mmmm… fresh nectarines…..

  6. Jewel said

    I still love that bike maybe someday I’ll get me one. I saw baskets like those a year ago at a quilting show the round ones and I had wished I had got one. Ever since then I’ve look for one and haven’t seen any.

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