(Seriously, with the amount of bear statues in downtown Calgary, this Friday theme may continue for awhile)

The long weekend is upon us, and absolute silence already reigns over our office as all the big bosses have left already.  It is just us toiling minions left to answer the phone, and make beautiful AutoCad drawings.  Mine was not so beautiful, so I’ve given up already to write da blog.  As this is officially the last weekend of the summer, I plan on heading out to Banff to wring the last dregs of the summer.  Whilst there I hope to meet some merry bears, probably having a picnic in the woods and playing bear games:

I’m especially looking forward to meeting by accident some happy bear cubs in the forest, and patting them on their cute and furry heads!

Oh the fun we shall have!  Oh the haircut I need! 

If you go out in the woods today

You’re sure of a big surprise

If you go out in the woods today

You’d better go in disguise

For every bear that ever there was

Will gather there for certain, because

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic!!


Welcome to the T-Hood!

August 28, 2008

Where sometimes people mispronounce words, use slang on purpose, and every once in awhile, do not use proper grammar!  Oh yeah baby, my T-hood is a rough place, where sometimes your BMW doesn’t start when you want it to, and every woman is pregnant and raging with hormones.  You have to watch your back out here!!  Its a dangerous place to be, especially when they get your drink order wrong at Starbucks, and you lay down some woop ass on that barista!!  Take that!! 

After dinner last night Bella and I suited up, and went out cruising in the T-hood.  As I was planning to hit some bike paths I strapped a bell onto her, one that I received as a gift years and years ago, and always kept for the day I would have a rockin cruiser to put it on.  With an extra pair of gloves in case my hands got cold, and my camera in the basket off we went!  First we cruised up north to visit Bob the Deer, who was in a good mood:

I have a feeling Bob’s modeling career is only beginning, and that certain knitted items will look lovely draped in his antlers. 

Then we swung by to see what was shaking with Horatio/Benecio the Buffalo.  I’m still going back and forth on his name a bit.  He was a bit down as a bird had crapped on him recently:

Poor Benecio/Horatio.  I’m not sure about his modeling future, he is not so convenient for draping knitted items over.  He is very nice however.

Next I tried out my movie-making skills.  Which aren’t very good, but I promise to work on them.  It is a bit difficult to ride a bike and take a movie at the same time.  I was wearing my helmet however, which is good with my track record of crashing.  The bell is a bit loud, but was fun to ring, as you can hear in the movie, I tend to giggle every time I ring it.  I first show you downtown Calgary in the distance, which you can barely make out, then the ski jump at Calgary Olympic Park, and then we go around the corner.  Just at the very end the mountains come into focus.  I wish I had kept rolling for a little while longer so that you can get a good view of them!  They have snow now.  For a cruiser bike, I can get going pretty fast!

Bella and I survived our cruise around the T-hood with no problems from local hoodlums, and next we plan on visiting the “estate” area to see if we get kicked out.

Today’s post is brought to you by Angst.  As in, there are a incredible number of things I want to do, and think I should be doing, but can’t and for some things I don’t feel like doing.  The upcoming winter is leaving me with a lot of “I must finish all my woolly projects now” angst.  Already its chilly in the mornings, and I saw the sunrise on the bus on the way to work!!  Oh sweet mornings of summer when I would wake up to a light sky!!  How I miss you!  But obviously I cannot simultaneously make 3 hats, 3 sweaters, 3 scarves, and 3 pairs of mittens, along with 3 pairs of knee high socks that I would like to, I must concentrate on the few projects I can work on without my head exploding.  On Sunday morning I began attempt #3 to make the Brudha toque, using Plan D; a brioche and mock cable from Vogue Stitchionary #2.  So far I do like it, after vowing to continue now matter how it turned out just to get the dern thing done!  I think it looks like a brioche stitch and a bobble however, due to the translation of flat knitting to round:

I could have used it this morning in the office as I was freezing cold.  As in ice cube cold.  As in sneaking into my bosses office and turning up the thermometer when he wasn’t looking cold.  However I still have this much left, so it would not have been much use:

Please ignore what appears to be a grey/white hair on my head.  It is definitely an extremely blonde hair. 

I have however already taken an extremely mature decision over a caramel macciato coffee.  Instead of doing all the things I’m supposed to be doing tonight, I am instead going to go home and ride Bella The Happiness Maker instead.  I’ve discovered at least two animal statues in my ‘hood, so we’re going to visit Bob the Deer and Horatio the Buffalo instead.  Who knows what other new friends we may make?

Ciao ya’ll!!

This is a previously planned blog post that was rudely interrupted by the virus of Monday.  I was upset by the virus of Monday, even though my computer does not seem to be infected (or rather my companies computer) and the e-mails did not transmit viruses as far as I know.  But the fact that some rotten people tried to sell my friends some “clevery choices” is so embarrassing.  I mean, other than the fact that “clevery” is my new favorite word (“I’m feeling so clevery today”) is the fact that they wasted my e-mail address and contact book on such crap.  They did wipe out my entire contact book, which I now need to rebuild.  Geez.  All in all, we had a very bad Monday here in Anne land.

But onto happy news!  My house is officially warmed thanks to lovely friends who came over on the weekend to celebrate.  I even got some prezzies, one of which I will share later in the week as it was especially artistic.  My brother was kind enough to help me choose and cook meat (never let the vegetarian choose the meat, or cook it, terrible things will happen).  I mixed up a big batch of Sangria for everyone:

And fired up the barbecue.  Believe it or not, everyone enjoyed the cooking on my little cheap charcoal grill, as it is unusual in this day and age of gas grills everywhere.  They said the flavor was wonderful!  I made my special red pepper shrimp kebobs, my brothers special recipe chicken (he looked through all my cupboards and came up with something or other) and bratwurst.  Because I’ve noticed that meat eaters like bratwurst, so that’s what I got!  Some salads to keep everyone feeling healthy, first up bean and corn, and then a pasta walnut:

I now have a mental note that I didn’t have to make the entire package of pasta, that half would have been plenty!  But I am enjoying it for lunch this week.  We also had mexican corn and a sweet potato medley that we broiled in the oven.  I carefully explained to my guests that I have been genetically programmed to overfeed my guests, and just when they think they are about to explode; offer them desert!  My co-worker brought a very delicious Russian cake, I made blueberry pie, and a pecan pie!  With ice cream!!

The cats spent the party in the basement, which tends not to make happy cats.  But don’t worry, they got a lot of attention on Sunday as I sat on the couch and watched movies recovering from all that cooking the day before.  I really like to cook, but don’t do it very often these days.  I must say however cooking is delightful in my new kitchen.  It seems I keep finding things to like about my neighbourhood and house, which is good.  Last night I made myself go out for a run, and discovered a wonderful path along a ravine that makes a loop that took me the perfect 40 minutes to run around.  One has to do a lot of running to make up for all the Russian cake I’m currently eating, its really good!

So if we know each other, and you’ve gotten an e-mail from me trying to sell you electronic equipment in really bad English, I apologize most heartily.  We’re trying to find the virus and get rid of it.  I feel terrible about it,  but can’t do much about it now except try and fix everything up.  If I find a program that works well, I’ll let you know.


Have a Beary Nice Weekend!

August 22, 2008

Are they cute?  Aren’t they cuddly?  See, no reason to be afraid of bears at all!  Go right up and pat them in the wilderness.  The cubs are with her mother?  More patting for everyone, no need to be worried!  Yeah!

WIP- Working in Pieces

August 20, 2008

Or yes, Work in Progress Wednesday.  However, I have been busy making the last pieces for Anais, specifically the circle motif that goes in the neckline:

Now that I have indeed learned to read, and realized that those commas were in the pattern for a reason, I’m hoping to whip out the sleeves tonight and get this baby blocking!  I have a fancy new blocking board to try out as well. 

The Brudha hat is once again a beautiful purple ball.  Perhaps this weekend I will try Plan D.  I would like to shout out to my cats Jack and Piper for helping me make this beautiful round ball, I could not have done it without you.  No seriously, your help is always indispensable!

When I need a simple project to bring out or take to SNB the pink Hazy Pazy scarf has been fitting the bill, and it continues to grow, 34″ to date.

That means it is long enough to fit around my neck once.  I’m thinking once that ball is done, it may be plenty long.  We will have to see.  I’m working on a good idea for a matching hat.  These ideas of mine don’t usually work out, but we’ll see.  This one could be different!

  1. Boca veggie sausages.  Any veggie sausages for that matter, what is wrong with my local supermarkets that they aren’t stocking these lately?  Don’t they know I need them?
  2. Blue Plate Cafe and their Blue Plate Vegetarian Special with veggie sausages.  I miss you!
  3. The Flying Dog mountain bike trail up in Park City.
  4. Lying in the backyard in the grass smelling the 4 types of sage I planted, and the roses.
  5. Watching Gigi fly down the hill yelling “I love my bike” at the top of her lungs.  Such joy.
  6. Listening to the retired sheriff/sheep herder tell stories of when his Grandma met Butch Cassidy in Wyoming. 
  7. The drive to Moab, the scenery, and the excitement, the bike strapped to the roof.  The yarn store that always has what I’m looking for.
  8. Celebrating birthdays at the Tuesday SNB.  I really, really, miss that cake Heather!  Happy Birthday!

Discovery Day

August 18, 2008

is today according to my wall calendar.  I think that means I should discover something today, or celebrate a discovery made recently.  As I keep looking around for something to discover today, other than the cookies in the break room, here is a recap of discoveries made on the weekend:


I have been to a polo game before, and it is always enjoyable to wear a pretty summer dress, stamp divets, partake of a mimosa and watch the game.  I’m afraid I was hopelessly lost about which chukker it was, and which side each team was aiming for, as they switch goals after every goal.  I also discovered that my assumption that we would be sitting in the shade was very wrong, and I now have a lovely burn on my shoulder in the shape of my pretty summer dress to prove it.  I also discovered (even though I know this already) that I can’t eat that much food without getting a wicked tummy ache that will last the rest of the weekend.  However, when my company serves baked/smoked salmon, eat it because it is guaranteed to be the best you have ever tasted. 

Upper Bow River:

The Bow River, up by Johnstone Canyon is very heavily coloured by what I think is limestone.  This is what gives the lakes in the Canadian Rockies the beautiful turquoise colour, but in this part of the river being fed entirely by glacier melt, it is very thick looking, and a light blue/white colour.  Earlier in the year the water was more brown, which is a result of the river being made up of snow melt from the surrounding mountains.  It was a very hot day, and I discovered I could not ride my bike far nor fast, due to the heat and the previously mentioned overeating.  Ugh.  Tummyache! 

This weekend I discovered the Brudha hat does not look good with a dimple stitch.  I am moving past Plan C, and going directly to Plan D. 

Today I am discovering trademark, copyright, and patent law, along with professionalism, ethics, occupational health and safety, and the bylaws of the professional engineering society.  Exciting huh?

Friday Texture

August 15, 2008

Rock and Water:


The green and yellow colour is very reminiscent of many of this seasons sweater.  I’m noticing a lot of mustardy colours, like brown with a very yellow undertone.  They may look nice on paper, but I know they will look bad on me!  However the moss pictured above, right as the sun was setting, glowed a beautiful golden green. 

Have a good weekend ya’ll!