50 Bums on Bikes!

August 5, 2008

And a good weekend of biking it was.  It was sunny and warm, but not too warm, perfect weather for my bike riding, and all the races in town.  On Monday I went down to see the local “Crit” race or criterium.  The basic premise is that a bunch of crazy people speed around a short track through the city streets for approximately an hour, and the first one over the finish line wins.  The loop took the Elite men exactly 1 minute and 20 seconds, it took Bella and I considerably longer.  Some bums:

And from the front as well:

From where I was sitting the racers had to slow down to go around a sharp turn, which meant the speeds were lower than in other parts of the course.  Thankfully there was only 1 crash that I saw, and the two riders involved got up with only scrapes and bruises.  A short video to show the drama, and excitement, and speed of the race.  Yeah, you may have had to be there, but it was still fun!


4 Responses to “50 Bums on Bikes!”

  1. Auntie K. said

    I just realized, Anne, that this biking thing may be genetic. Your Great Grandma and Grandpa on your mommy’s side used to like watching bike races, apparently. 🙂

  2. Anne said

    Now THAT looks fun! Sounds like a great weekend!

  3. margene said

    That does look crazy fun!

  4. Great seeing you at the race! Sorry we couldn’t stay longer and hang out more, but it sure was fun!
    I’m glad it went well for you. We woke up in the tent at Lake Louise around 4 or 5 am and heard it raining, and thought of you.

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