I Got Caught in a Police Sting!

August 6, 2008

Yes, its true, I’m officially a bad a*s!  This morning, as I was innocently biking into work, trying to preserve the peace, quiet and tranquil beauty of the bike path by not ringing my bell as I passed two pleasure strollers, I got pulled over by the cops!  At first I thought I might have been going too fast, which would have been cool!  But no, the clever cops had set up an elaborate sting operation: two “pleasure strollers” radioed ahead to the uniformed cops which bikers went by without ringing their bells.  It turns out there is actually a law!  Who knew?  I had thought it a courtesy not to ruin the peace and quiet of the morning by scaring the crap out of people by “dinging” my way along, but it turns out now I have to!  I tried to explain my theory to the lovely lady cop, but she wrote me out a warning anyways.  Next week they will give out the $100 tickets for real.  The nice thing about Canadians is we were all pretty happy, the cops and those bikers getting pulled over, talking and laughing.  No one was getting all upset, or pissy.  I guess at 8 am there isn’t much high crime going on in Cowtown. 

But the best part?  I was late for work due to an unfortunate ability to get out of bed (gravity force field on high) on time this morning.  But then I had the best excuse ever, a warning from the police!  That had to have taken at least a half hour to work through right?  I totally would have been into work on time except for that.  Plus I get to pretend I’m a bad a*s!


8 Responses to “I Got Caught in a Police Sting!”

  1. Cheryl S. said

    I’m glad they only gave you a warning! But early morning or not, I really appreciate it when bicyclists ring their bells, or at least shout out. I’ve been scared out of my wits by bikers passing me when I had no idea they were behind me.

  2. Mom said

    Was this a “dedicated” bike path? If so, you should have cited them for unsafe pedestrian activities.
    Dad wants to know if they had little bikes & bells on their helmets.

  3. Auntie K. said

    Hey, Anne, didn’t you watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog? Don’t you know that your boss reads your page? You just gave yourself away.
    (And it’s the freeze ray that kept you in bed.)

    Yeah, the cops are clamping down on a nefarious bike theft and resale rings here in T.O. Except they also found there was drug dealing going on. But you can’t trust those bicyclists, everybody knows that.

  4. margene said

    I always knew that under that sweet demeanor was bad*ss waiting to break out!

  5. Can you also say “On your left”, or give some other type of audible warning? Or do you have to have a bell? Just curious.

  6. Sunnyknitter said

    You wild thing, you!

  7. Jocelyn said

    Oh, Anne! About biking in Calgary, I forgot to tell you that it’s illegal to not use your bell.

    Yay for being a badass. Imagine what grades the “dummy pedestrians” got in cop school to get THAT gig?

  8. Jewel said

    That’s so funny, who would of thought a ticket for not ringing your bell. I have to tell you I feel on my bike yesterday it was pretty funny!

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