No Matter How Light You Pack, Your Bag is HEAVY!

August 11, 2008

Especially at the end of a 5 km (as the crow flies, we figured it was longer on the ground) hike that at times went STRAIGHT UP!  But I made it with flying colours, and only some sore muscles to show for it today.  But look at the reward at the top!

Galatea Lake at sunset is a sight to behold.  But now picture the view at night, with all the stars out, and lightening flickering in the distance.  Ahhh, that is beautiful. 

I’m beginning to realize that “Bear in Area” signs are more the norm than not in the Canadian Rockies.  I guess there was a bear reported on the trail on August 4th, and they leave the sign up for a week or so after.  The camping was different than this Ontario girl was used to as well.  The food/cooking area was well away from the campsites and was communal.  After you made your dinner/breakfast etc. there were metal lockers for you to put the food into, or a hoist to raise the packs up high.  In this way all food is kept well away from the tents.  Another exciting feature of the campground was a solar powered composting toilet!  Now that may not sound exciting, but to compare the smell of this toilet to a traditional hole in the ground one is like comparing the smell of cedar chips to a giant stinky hole in the ground.  Much nicer! 

Saturday started bright and clear, with the rain holding off until we were done with our little hike up to Lillian Lake.  Where Galatea Lake was a beautiful green, Lillian Lake was the bright sapphire of a snow run-off lake.

One of the highlights of the day was watching a fellow hiker actually slide down a snowbank, into the water for a dip!  I got as far as my knees, and dipped my head in, and I thought that showed strong fortitude!  A beautiful spot to have a bite of lunch, a bit of knitting:

Before heading back down the valley for coffee!

Now even though we ate our food, drank our water, the pack did not seem substantially lighter on Sunday on the way out.  The constant drizzle of rain did not bother us due to the fact that we had appropriate gear (Smartwool socks and shirt), and that I was working up a good sweat under my pack.  My Tilley hat did wonders of keeping the rain off my head, and most of my shoulders as well.  However, the pub food in Canmore sure tasted good!  And we were reminded that the Olympics were on!  Has anyone else noticed that the big Beijing stadium looks like a giant ball of yarn?


3 Responses to “No Matter How Light You Pack, Your Bag is HEAVY!”

  1. margene said

    Your weekend sounds refreshing, if tiring. They say birds nest I say ball of yarn, too!!

  2. Indeed it does, except the asymmetry. Totally a big ball of yarn.

    Olympics + Tivo = great knitting time!

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