Wednesday Angst – And a Hat!!

August 27, 2008

Today’s post is brought to you by Angst.  As in, there are a incredible number of things I want to do, and think I should be doing, but can’t and for some things I don’t feel like doing.  The upcoming winter is leaving me with a lot of “I must finish all my woolly projects now” angst.  Already its chilly in the mornings, and I saw the sunrise on the bus on the way to work!!  Oh sweet mornings of summer when I would wake up to a light sky!!  How I miss you!  But obviously I cannot simultaneously make 3 hats, 3 sweaters, 3 scarves, and 3 pairs of mittens, along with 3 pairs of knee high socks that I would like to, I must concentrate on the few projects I can work on without my head exploding.  On Sunday morning I began attempt #3 to make the Brudha toque, using Plan D; a brioche and mock cable from Vogue Stitchionary #2.  So far I do like it, after vowing to continue now matter how it turned out just to get the dern thing done!  I think it looks like a brioche stitch and a bobble however, due to the translation of flat knitting to round:

I could have used it this morning in the office as I was freezing cold.  As in ice cube cold.  As in sneaking into my bosses office and turning up the thermometer when he wasn’t looking cold.  However I still have this much left, so it would not have been much use:

Please ignore what appears to be a grey/white hair on my head.  It is definitely an extremely blonde hair. 

I have however already taken an extremely mature decision over a caramel macciato coffee.  Instead of doing all the things I’m supposed to be doing tonight, I am instead going to go home and ride Bella The Happiness Maker instead.  I’ve discovered at least two animal statues in my ‘hood, so we’re going to visit Bob the Deer and Horatio the Buffalo instead.  Who knows what other new friends we may make?

Ciao ya’ll!!


5 Responses to “Wednesday Angst – And a Hat!!”

  1. margene said

    I can’t wait to see your ‘friends’. Why forgo the caramel macciato? You only live once!

  2. Carla said

    i love that you love that bike.

  3. Anne said

    Must be some primeval need to make woolen things this time of year. I was thinking about maybe another Beaverslide sweater just this morning.

    I have a lot of extremely blonde hair too these days!

  4. Jewel said

    Can you believe it I have my heater going in my office and a sweater on with fip flops, pretty crazy. Love the hat, nice pattern. I don’t see any gray looking hair! But my head would be a different story.

  5. Have you read Margene’s post today? She’s got some great things to say today.

    Nothing wrong with a few blondies in the mix. I get mine hair dyed, though. The grays actually become blonde as they don’t take up the dye as well. It’s like getting free highlights in your hair, a hidden advantage of going gray! I’m so beyond fine with the grays now. I think it’s because I found my first gray hair at 22.

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