Have a Beary Nice Long Weekend!!

August 29, 2008

(Seriously, with the amount of bear statues in downtown Calgary, this Friday theme may continue for awhile)

The long weekend is upon us, and absolute silence already reigns over our office as all the big bosses have left already.  It is just us toiling minions left to answer the phone, and make beautiful AutoCad drawings.  Mine was not so beautiful, so I’ve given up already to write da blog.  As this is officially the last weekend of the summer, I plan on heading out to Banff to wring the last dregs of the summer.  Whilst there I hope to meet some merry bears, probably having a picnic in the woods and playing bear games:

I’m especially looking forward to meeting by accident some happy bear cubs in the forest, and patting them on their cute and furry heads!

Oh the fun we shall have!  Oh the haircut I need! 

If you go out in the woods today

You’re sure of a big surprise

If you go out in the woods today

You’d better go in disguise

For every bear that ever there was

Will gather there for certain, because

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic!!


5 Responses to “Have a Beary Nice Long Weekend!!”

  1. Sunnyknitter said

    I was singing along with you there. Have a great weekend! I think we may head up to our local Banff-like setting, Idyllwild. It’s about an hour away from us and it smells like home. When I get homesick, that’s where I go.

  2. Katherine said

    I LOVE that song. You should listen to the recording of it by Trout Fishing in America. Great.

  3. margene said

    You look so happy whilst dancing with bears!

  4. Jewel said

    That was my favorite song when I was four. I have a old record of that song and a few years ago my hubby found a stuffed bear that when you wind him up he plays that song. I love Banff, I went there when I was fourteen. I guess that was a berry long time ago. Hope your having fun!!!!

  5. Aww, the cute wee bears! Pet one for me, too!

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