For Those Who Say…

September 4, 2008

“You should only wear one knitted item at a time” do not live in Canada.  Or Calgary to be more exact, but let’s face it,  most of Canada is pretty nippy over 1/2 the time.  And when I say pretty nippy, in my typically British understated way, I mean frost bite in under 3 minutes on exposed skin.  I don’t know how I would go about choosing the only one item.  If I chose to wear a lovely wool toque, then my nose, chin, and hands would go cold.  Plus I would freeze in my office without a sweater and scarf on.  If I chose a scarf, well I could probably wrap it around my head as well, but the rest of me, well you know.  And don’t forget my cold little feet without their wool socks to warm them up. 

And so this weekend when we found ourselves facing a day outside with snow, changing to rain, and a definite skip fall, go directly to winter nip in the air, I pulled out everything I had.  Now I will agree with you, fashion may have exited stage right, and may not be coming back.  But I was pleasantly warm all day (except for the latter stages when my butt got a bit chilly, probably needed some wool undies), even with my thinner than the average persons blood.  My Dad and I share this in common, put a little chill in the air and we’re pulling out the parkas.  Living in the tropics did not help my thin blood one bit!  So bring it on, the hat, the scarf, the wool sweater, the gloves.  I worked it, and I was warm!!

 (No pretty rocks were harmed in this photoshoot.  But I did get a catcall or two from fellow tourists, until his wife rushed him off)


8 Responses to “For Those Who Say…”

  1. Wow… I wish for cooler weather here…. I am in the Central Valley in California. Triple digits here through Sunday and I am tired of it! I love to knit and crochet and can’t wait to start wearing some of my items!


  2. Cheryl S. said

    One knitted item might be enough if it came from the “Mohair Knitter”. Too bad the site is being redesigned and you can’t see most of the good stuff. But at least there’s a photo of an orange catsuit.

  3. margene said

    Anyone who says that isn’t a REAL knitter. It’s not that cool here as yet, thank gooness!

  4. Sunnyknitter said

    I’d just like my car to not cook me when I get in it! It’s still blistering here… And I think you look great, by the way. Warm is always more attractive than shivering!

  5. Jewel said

    Please don’t say snow already. The only thing good about snow is sweaters.

  6. I clicked to ’embiggen’, and as the page was loading, the kid came over and called out “Hey, I know where that is!…Canada!!! It looks like Marble Canyon!”. Close enough, I say.

    Way to rock the knitwear, grrlfriend.

  7. Cheryl S. said

    P.S. – I left something on my blog for you.

  8. melanie said

    I’ve never heard anyone say you should only wear one knitted item at a time – but then, I’m from Calgary and really what choice would you have?

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